Happy New Year!

I will have to admit this year has been a tough one. But really though what year isn't? Here are just a recap of what has happened this year:
  • Mister Tegan turned 2 years old in February.
  • Earlier this year David's grandma passed away. It was a bittersweet moment. I am so happy that she is no longer suffering and in a beautiful place.
  • During the same weekend I celebrated my 23rd birthday.
  • We had endless car problems.
  • We were blessed in many ways. It is amazing what paying your tithing can do. Somehow we were able to have a little extra money each month.
  • We went to Yellowstone for David's family reunion.
  • I started working.
  • David turned 26 years old.
  • We spent and continue to spend many days apart due to our 3 jobs.
  • Tegan has thrived and finally started talking a lot more. Not where he should be yet but we are working on that.
  • I got released from Primary after 2 years.
  • We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family instead of David's family cause we both had to work.
  • Tegan and I both took trips to the ER.
  • I had many OBGYN appointments.
  • We spent a lot of money on infertility drugs and ovulation tests.
  • I had some hard months due to my crazy hormones. (I found comfort in knowing that my family and friends were there for me during these hard times)
  • David rolled his ankle playing softball during the summer and to this day still has pain.
  • David was recognized many times at work and got many gift cards for them. He saved them all and we were finally able to get a Wii balance board and a nunchuk. (we can play together now!)
  • Lots of colds and flu's.
  • We spent Christmas with my family for Christmas. We got to talk to Elder Whipple for hours. Tegan loved talking to his uncle.
  • We ended this year with potty training Tegan.

So this year hasn't been all that bad but we sure have had some trying times. We look forward to a new year and all that it has in store for us. Maybe a baby? Maybe a new place? We can only hope.

I am keeping my resolutions pretty simple this year. Especially since I don't think I did any of mine last year.

  • I would like to make more friends. Maybe we can even become friends with a couple. Since we really don't have any couple friends.
  • I would like to try to be more organized.
  • I would like to get our laptop fixed so I can start digitally scrapbooking.
  • Be better at making our bed and Tegan's (I am terrible).
  • Go to the temple more.
  • Save money to go on a trip when Elder Whipple comes home.
  • Save money in general.
  • Pay off David's car.
  • Exercise more often.

Let's make it a great year in 2011!

Potty Training Day 2

***Sorry might be a little TMI. I have always loved hearing people's stories on how they dealt with potty training and not many people talk about it. So I decided that I would. If you don't want to read about the Potty Training adventure just skip these posts***
Day 2 went surprisingly well. This kid is getting so good at going to the potty. I would remind him every so often that if he needed to use the bathroom to let me know. He would either go by himself or tell me "I gotta go potty!" and then we would rush to the bathroom. This afternoon I could tell that he needed to make a BM but he did not want to go. He would even tell me he had to go but would go to the bathroom and nothing. Well not long afterwards I look over at him and he is just standing in the living room in the middle of the floor just looking down. I asked him if he went poop and he says "I pooped!" Oh dear. I am surprised how calm I was through the whole ordeal. He was pretty grossed out at the mess so I am hoping that he won't do it again.
That is the only one accident that he had today and I am totally ok with it. I am so glad I waited to potty train him. This time around it is going smoothly. I think that if I would have started earlier we would still be having a rough time. I see that in the near future he will be doing great with very few accidents.


Potty Training Day 1

Potty training has gone surprisingly well today. My cousin sent me an e-book that she used for her kids that she got from a friend. I am doing everything that it says to do except to not let him wear diapers or pull-ups at night. This kid drinks a ton and does so through the night cause it is so dry here. She says that if you do not give them drinks 2-3 hours before bedtime but right now that just isn't reasonable. And I am totally ok with that.
I have found that he doesn't like when I tell him to go to the bathroom. He likes to go on his own. And he sure does. Setting the timer also doesn't work. I just remind him that if he needs to use the bathroom to let me know. This is exactly what the e-book says to do and it has worked!
Tegan has had one big accident and 2 little accidents. He even had a BM by himself. I am so proud of him! Hopefully we can all keep it up. And hopefully I won't lose my patience. I have done very well today as well. LOL
If anyone would like a copy of the e-book feel free to leave a comment with your email and I will forward it on to you.


After Christmas Shopping

Tegan and I got up early this morning to find a few After Christmas sale items. There wasn't a whole lot. We did make it to Old Navy to get some $15 jeans. I don't know how people can pay more than that on a pair of jeans. I am cheap and I like it!
I was on the hunt to find a special cookie plate for Santa and some 5x7 frames for pics with Santa. I came with neither. I don't know why it is so hard. I remember last year I was on the hunt for the same things and came home empty. Then I also remembered that I was going to make some frames. Maybe I will have to start working on them so they are ready for next year....cause it may take me awhile. Any ideas on where to find a plate? Maybe I will have to head to Quilted Bear tomorrow.
The next couple of days we will be spending our time cleaning and organizing. Especially Teg's room. This kid has so many toys and no where to put them. I think I finally have some motivation to finish his dresser. Now I just need to get it hauled to my parents basement so I can work on it. If I can get that done I will have a ton of room in his closet since that is where we have his clothes.
Then at the end of the week, I am thinking Thursday we will start the process....the Potty Training Process. I hope with me not working for 4 days will give us enough time.
With my luck probably not.
I am still looking for lots of ideas and suggestions. Thanks for those who have given me some already!
I just feel so unprepared for this journey, can you ever be ready?
I guess Ready or Not here we go!


Potty Training

I guess the time has come. I have been telling myself...and Tegan that we would crack down on potty training after Christmas. I am dreading it and I am excited all at the same time. Our previous attempts have been horrific so I am hoping that this time is much more easier.
So now it is time for me to ask for any tips. Please give them to me. Any and all would be much appreciated. I am totally new to this and after reading many books and many websites I am still lost. Please help me out so we can make this a easy transition.


Body...Stop Failing Me...Please!

Ever had the worst pain in your life...in your back?
To the point that you can barely move.
That is how I feel right now.
It is all due to 'trying' to move a snow blower through the over foot of snow that we woke up to yesterday.
I am not happy about it.
I am in pain and can't even try to enjoy the snow by building a snowman or snow angels with my little sidekick Tegan. Poor kid is looking at the window saying...."Please!".
Oh I feel so bad but I can't sleep, I can't sit, I can't stand, I can't walk.
Did I mention I also get to work tonight in the cold/rain/snow.
Doesn't it just sound wonderful?
Hopefully these hard drugs will work cause I really need to be functioning fully by tonight.
Body don't fail me know!


Chocolate Hazelnut Surprise Cookies

I made these delicious cookies for our Relief Society Activity a couple weeks ago. They were a huge hit! Everyone was surprised to find what was inside. So here it is ladies!

Chocolate Hazelnut Surprise Cookies

1/2 Cup Smooth Peanut Butter *Jif is best*
1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
1/2 Cup Unsalted Butter, Softened
1/2 Cup Sugar
1 Egg
1 Ts Vanilla
1/2 Ts Salt
1 Ts Baking Soda
1 3/4 Cup All-Purpose Flour

1/4 cup granulated sugar
1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon
1/2 cup Nutella
1/2 cup powdered sugar

In a large mixing bowl cream together the butter, peanut butter and sugars.

Add egg and vanilla and mix on low until combined.

In a separate bowl combine dry ingredients and slowly add to the large mixing bowl. Continue to mix until just combined.

In another small bowl, stir nutella and powdered sugar until completely blended. Shape mixture into 24 balls, about 1 inch each.

Flatten about 1 tb of dough in your hand and place a nutella ball in the middle. Wrap the dough around the ball and roll in cinnamon sugar.

Place on baking sheet and bake at 375 for 8 min.

This recipe was created by my friend. I found the recipe here.
Thanks Carrian!


Trick-or –Treating…

at the mall.  3 Days before Halloween Tegan got a fever and a slight runny nose and was obviously was not feeling good. Not sure exactly what was wrong. So we missed our wards trunk-or-treat the day before Halloween. The next day, the day before Halloween Tegan was feeling better. So I decided to take him to the mall to go trick-or-treating. Especially so he could wear his cute Meerkat costume. It was really cold and rainy outside and I didn’t want to take him out since he was still feeling a little under the weather.  Bumpa came along with us and Tegan loved it! So that night we chilled at home and watched Halloween movies. On Halloween we went over to Nana and Bumpa’s for dinner party. Hopefully next year will go better than this year. DSCN2072

The cutest Meerkat ever!



Tegan and Bumpa



Our attempts at getting a pic with Teg looking did not work. Dang!



Tegan was so tired afterwards.

Pumpkins and Cookies

We carved our pumpkins that we grew in our garden. Tegan loved watching and telling mom what to carve in his pumpkin. He insisted that it have eyes, nose, and lips. He was not a fan of touching all the pumpkin mush, I don’t blame him.

We didn’t get pics of ours but David carved a really cool scary monster in his. I attempted a owl in one pumpkin and it didn’t turn out. I attempted again and the next day it collapsed. Hopefully I have better luck next time. 




We decorated the cookies that we got from Bountiful Baskets. That’s right they not only sell produce. The kit came with cookies and frosting. That is how I like to make my sugar cookies!DSCN2060













We went to Cornbelly’s for the first time this year. It was less than $8 for us to go cause a radio station was hosting discount day. We had such a great time we will have to go next year.


Tegan did not want to wait for the animal train ride…










Us in the big rocking chair



On the hayride


September Park Day

DSCN2007 DSCN2009 DSCN2010 DSCN2011 DSCN2015 DSCN2016 DSCN2017 DSCN2018 DSCN2020 DSCN2022 DSCN2023 DSCN2024




Canyon Drive

On a beautiful Sunday in September we took a drive up the canyon with our neighbors Mark and Kristie. It was fun seeing all the fall colors. That was until Tegan started to not feel good towards the end. Lets just put it this way…he hadn’t pooped for 2 days before that incident. Poor guy!

DSCN1968 DSCN1969 DSCN1970 DSCN1971 DSCN1972 DSCN1981 DSCN1982 DSCN1983

View through the front


This Mark


And this is Kristie

DSCN1987 DSCN1988

Tegan and Daddy playing with the huge frisbee


Our attempt at a family pic


A little better


Me trying to keep Tegan occupied

DSCN1992 DSCN1993 DSCN1999

He wasn’t too happy

DSCN2000 DSCN2002 DSCN2003 DSCN2005

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