Mr. GQ

Tegan had his pics taken for his 2 year old birthday on Feb 6th. He did such great job and I loved how they turned out. Thanks to my friend Shawna for doing them! (don't know why this is sideways, yet again)

Birthday Playdate

I had a playdate for Tegan a few days before his birthday. Nothing special. It sure was fun though! Thanks for everyone that came and partied with us!
I didn't get a lot of pics which I am so sad about.


NM Trip

I can't believe I have gotten this far behind again. In January Tegan and I went with my mom, sister and her bff Kelli to NM for my cousins missionary farewell. Both my dad and David had to work so it was a girls weekend...plus Tegan. It was an interesting weekend from me being sick the entire time and Tegan not sleeping well at all. I was so excited to come home and be sick in my own house. Otherwise Cameron did a great job on his talk and I am sure is doing a fantastic job in Michigan. Tegan and my cousin Kaycee (not sure why the pic would not turn)

Cameron and Tegan

Grandma, Cameron, and Aunt Cindy

Tegan went on a ride with g-pa (great grandpa). It was pretty cold and I could find his gloves so he wore a pair of nana's gloves from when she was a child.



Yes the title explains it! I have been going pretty CRAZY the past few weeks. Luckily I have had a few days here and there when I was able to take a few breathers.
It all started a few weekends ago when I headed to ID for one of my best friends wedding. It was gorgeous! I don't have pics as of now since I did not take my camera (I will have to steal some from my mom). David stayed home with Tegan and I went to ID with my mom and sister. We spent the weekend in a hurried flurry helping to make the night unforgettable for Schyler and Chandra (I love you both!). Weddings in the temple are beautiful and I feel honored to have been invited and able to go.

A few days after being home (April 15th) David's beloved grandmother, Eunice was welcomed with home arms by her husband in heaven. She lived a great life and lived to be 92 years old. I never had a chance to really get to know here because she was diagnosed with Dementia before David and I married. But she has always held a special place in my heart. I always enjoyed time spending the few moments that I got to spend with her, even though she rarely remember me being there. We were privileged to be able to attend her funeral which was held Monday (April 19th) in ID (yes I was there 2 weekends in a row). I didn't get to attend the entire funeral due to a rambunctious 2 year old that could not sit longer than one hour. I and even David learned of many things that she accomplished while living on this earth. I am grateful that I am my children are part of her legacy.

My birthday was right in the middle of the crazy days, April 18th. It wasn't anything special which is fine by me. We were too busy celebrating Eunice's life. We plan to celebrate it with my family on Sunday...and hopefully soon we can use our coupon, 2 for 1 at Tuacanos.

Today David was finally able to get his wisdom teeth pulled...a few years too late. He noticed a couple of weeks ago that one of wisdom teeth had a massive hole in it...that is when we decided it was time to get the removed. I am surprised that they didn't cause him any pain. We were very grateful that David's bonus arrived shortly after so we could afford to pay for the removal. So far he is doing well...I just hope he doesn't get dry socket like I did.

A little while ago I purchased Photoshop Elements. I have been wanting to purchase for a long time now but couldn't find the money to do so. My friends mentioned that she bought hers on ebay so I decided to take a look. I bought mine for $17.50! I am tickled pink! The same friend will be coming over next week to show me to actually use it. I can't wait to get started on digital scrapbooking. I am way behind! Now we just need to get our laptop fixed...if it is possible, I sure do hope so!

This is a lot longer than I intended, but I do hope to get update with pics as soon as I can get them all organized.

Until next time....



I love when I can take the time and enjoy Tegan. Tonight David put Tegan to bed while I was visiting with our neighber. When I got back Tegan was still wired and literally jumping off the walls. I went in there and he immediately layed down and patted his pillow motioning me to come lay next to him. I loved those few minutes laying next to him forehead to forehead looking into his eyes made me feel so proud to be his mother. I am so grateful that he chose me to be his mother. He has taught me patience, kindness, gratitude, LOVE, and many other things. It is crazy to think that a small child can teach you all those things. Even though my days are crazy and I feel like I am doing the same, I am so glad for those few moments when my big toddler would like me to lay by him, comfort him, love him. Tegan I promise to take more advantages of having those little moments together. I love you bug!
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