Grandma Eunice Patterson's Funeral

What a fun and interesting weekend this was. We left April 17th after David got off work, luckily he was able to get off a little early. I really didn't want to drive in the dark. Tegan did very well on the ride there and back. He only watched a little bit of a movie. He spent most of the time reading books with his Leapfrog Tag Jr. Best thing that I have ever bought him.
The next day Sunday, April 18th was my b-day and David let me sleep in while him and Tegan went to church with his brother's family. Best gift I got! His family did their best to make my b-day feel special by getting me a cake. Tegan of course was cranky that day due to not taking a nap. He did take a little cat nap at his brothers but it just wasn't enough.
Monday was Grandma's service. We got up that morning and got everything ready for us to leave right after the luncheon. As we pulled up for the last few minutes of the viewing before the funeral Tegan threw up all over himself and his car seat. Luckily that morning he didn't eat much (probably due to not feeling well) he just drank a lot of water. So we headed back to his brothers house to change Tegan's clothes and head back. He threw up again on our way back and I was able to catch it (as I was gagging the entire time). The service was beautiful and it was great to learn so much about Grandma. Tegan last about an hour and then we were out in the halls of the church. Tegan was so tired from lack of sleep and locked himself in a room (a room that is located in the same spot as the nursery room in our own church building) and fell asleep on the floor. He would not let me in the room, every time I would go in he would yell at my in his gibberish language to get out. We then headed to the cemetery for the burial. Tegan was a goofball the entire time. He enjoyed going up to all the graves and "read" the letters. He had a fun time running around with all his cousins that he only sees a few times per year. Afterwards we ate quickly at the luncheon and then headed home.
Every night for 3 nights after we returned home Tegan would throw up in the middle of the night. He acted totally fine during the day so we don't know what he had. I didn't like waking up to vomit all over him and then have to bathe him afterwards, but at least it was pretty much confined and not all over things that I would not be able to wash. Tegan with his cousins Jaden and Kierra

Kierra, Ellie and Tegan

Kierra and Ellie

LOVE this picture of my two favorite boys. Too bad David's tie is all weird.

The best family pic we could get with the tired and cranky Tegan.

It was great seeing so many members of David's family and meeting new ones. It sure was overwhelming...he has a very large family.


Spring Fling

Hee Haws (a local corn maze) started a Spring Fling this year where you can meet all the new little farm animals. We went with Nina and her son Carson. They are only a day apart and they get along great. Tegan had tons of fun torturing the little animals, sliding down the big slide, playing in the sandbox, riding the animal train, and swinging on the horse swing. He would not ride the pony though. Petting the baby goat
Strangling the poor baby goat

Saying hi to the bunny
Cute baby chicks

Riding the animal train

Tegan and Carson playing in the sandbox


Sliding down the very steep slide


I bought a pass for the Aquarium for myself a few months ago and was finally able to go with my friends from hair school and their boys. It sure was an adventure. It was super crowded and Tegan was getting frustrated because he couldn't see anything. So he just wanted to run around....not too fun for Mommy. I almost lost him a few times. They sure did have fun playing at McDonald's afterwards though. Thanks Jordan and Denae for a fun time! Ander, Tegan and Kru holding hands. So adorable. I don't even know how they even had the idea to hold hands lol
If you haven't been to the Living Planet Aquarium you totally should. It isn't the best but it really is fun. To buy a year pass it is only about $18 for an adult (Tegan is still free). Go 3 times and you have already got your money worth.


Easter and Conference Weekend

We decided to take Tegan on 2 Easter egg hunts this year. We found out how impatient Tegan is. He would get so mad if other kids even walked by the eggs. We ended up having to grab one for him in hopes that he would stop screaming. Didn't work. The first one he only got a few eggs and the 2nd one was hardly busy so he got a ton.

This pic cracks me up! It was so hard to try not laughing in front of him.

Trying so hard to escape.

Running so fast!

Waiting a little more patiently at the 2nd hunt.

Actually smiling.

So sad

Competitive like his Daddy.

So happy to finally be able to pick up eggs

It always seems that pics with Daddy turn out but with Mommy he looks away.

Coloring eggs during the first Conference session.


David trying to be creative with his egg....didn't work too well.

Shaved Tegans head a few days before...didn't turn out as well as I hoped.

Me trying to be artistic

Tegan showcasing his eggs

My favorite egg

Trying to be artistic again

Made these beauties. They were a lot more difficult than I thought they would be.

Tegan with his Easter basket. And checking out the snow outside.

close up on the loot from the Easter Bunny

He also got a train and animal finger puppets

Our Easter Breakfast. A new tradition that I decided to start. Eggs and Gravy. Great way to use up all the hard boiled eggs.
Easter Day we went over to my parents to watch the afternoon session and have Easter dinner. It is of course always a blast when the missionaries come over as well. They are always at my parents and we enjoy hanging out with them.
I forgot to mention a story on Tegan's Birthday post so check it out.

Spike Hair

One night after Tegan had a bath we decided to go get ice cream. Tegan put on his hat when his hair was still wet and this is what it looked like afterwards.
His "Roar" face

Pretty Bear

My mom got me this bear when I graduated from hair school. I guess Tegan has been really watching me get ready in the mornings cause he knew exactly what to do. David probably won't be too happy about me posting this pics but they are too cute!

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