As I was filling up our swimming pool this morning Tegan thought that he needed to make it pretty and and some pretty flower...Dandelions. I love that boy! He loves them dandelions and our yard has plenty of them a long with many other weeds....Oh the Joy of renting!
Sorry no pics....hopefully it will be sooner than later...don't have my own computer and don't want to take the time to upload them and have to do it again....and my computer is being weird. Maybe it is about time to read the owners manual....almost a year later. Geez! LOL


I hate Technology!

Don't get me wrong I do love it. I love that it can make life so much easier. But when computers break it makes your life that much harder. Our computer has come down with a wicked virus. My dad said he would look at it but with him being so busy with classes and studying he hasn't had time. I am hoping I can convince him to let me borrow one of his many computers until ours is fixed. So I do apologize for not keeping up with the blog...I am so far behind and I don't know how long it will take me to get caught back up. But some good news...I will be contributing on a blog The Savvy Shoppers. If you have not already checked it out! I am so excited to get started, once I get a working computer at my house. I am so grateful of the blessings that have come our way lately and how things are just starting to work out (now I am wondering for how long lol). I am grateful for all of you that read my blog and my complaining. Sorry for that! This blog is more for me to vent and tell what is going on. I am not that great at journaling and this is what this has become. Love you all! Until next time....


Tired and Ready to go HOME!

Yes the title pretty much explains it. We have only been home for 2 days within about 2 weeks and I just want to be home.
First off Tegan and I went to New Mexico July 24th for my cousins wedding and reception.
We drove to Monticello (she got married in the LDS Monticello Temple). My bro Chantz drove down with us and my parents and sister in their car. I am so grateful for Chantz's help...Couldn't have done it without him! Well a little over an hour away from Monticello my car started to do this weird jerking and wouldn't go into gear (this is the car that we just bought from my in-laws....a month ago) I start freaking out cuz I am already late to do my cousins hair for the wedding. Well I start praying like crazy that we can at least make it to the temple....to New Mexico would be great...but at least to the temple. And it did just that....as we turned the corner to the temple it died....would not go anymore. Well come to find out...we had taken the car to Walmart to get the oil changed. Well they put too much transmission fluid in the transmission. It needs a new transmission. So here I am stranded in this little podunk town with no car and a cranky baby. YEa I wasn't too happy! We try to make the best of it I go to the wedding which was absolutely beautiful! We take pics and while taking the pics Tegan managed to fall down the stairs and fall of the bench. Yes he is pooped and wanted to go to bed....But we still had about 2 hours left of driving to get to Farmington, NM. We wait...wait...wait....doesn't work to well when Tegan or any baby is tired and we finally get a ride with my grandparents to NM. Boy at this point I was totally done! That was day 1 of our lovely adventure!

Day 2,July 24th: Consisted of taking it easy that morn. Raking my brain of what to do with my car. Turns out that there was a auto shop in Monticello that could get me a transmission and get it all done by Tuesday....1 day later than I wanted to be home but I guess it will have to do. That afternoon I did my cousin's hair for the reception. I then attended the reception. Tegan was beyond cranky from not sleeping well and not eating...not sure why. My dad then took him on a car ride in hopes of him falling asleep....no luck! They went to Wendy's and got a frosty and french fries...Tegans favorite! I was just glad he was eating something. They came back to the reception. Tegan busted some sweet moves on the dance floor. He was the cutest and was loved much by everyone. Bedtime came rolling around...left the reception early to head to my grandparents to put Tegan to bed.

Day 3 and 4, July 25 and 26th: were pretty blah did a little shopping and rested.

Day 5, July 27th: we tried multiple times contacting the auto shop...didn't get a hold of them till about 5 pm much to my dismay...they had yet to find a transmission or start fixing my car meaning that they would not have it done Tuesday! I'm a little stressed at that point. They did not once try to contact us to let us know that they had yet to start anything. Turns out that we ended up borrowing my grandparents car to drive home to UT. Still don't know if my car is fixed...don't know how we are going to pay for it...and we have to figure out legal matters on how to deal with stupid Walmart. No I am not paying for it! Don't have the money and it is not my fault....Stay tuned to hear about our lovely adventure to ID that started 2 days after Tegan and I got back from NM.......more stories...

Oh and a questiong for you all...does anyone ever read this? Just curious...
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