My favorite blog is doing a ton of contests for Mother's Day. You will want to head over and enter all of them. She is giving away a gift certificate for Hapari. I so hope I win something!





I somehow stumbled upon this blog. I am so glad I did. I think everyone should read what this sweet girl has written. I hope she doesn't mind that I am sharing it with the world.

Check it out HERE

While you are at it check THIS out too


I Am Thankful

I have come to realize: Sometimes our trials as hard as they are can be blessings. Through my trials I have met many wonderful people who have become my friends. Because I am open and honest with what I am going through I have found that I am not alone. I am so thankful for all my many friends that let me vent, complain and cry. Sometimes together. Thanks to those who have gotten me through this 14 months. You know who you are. Love you!


It’s My Birthday?

I guess today is my birthday. I honestly kept forgetting that today was the day that I turned the big 2-4. Maybe cause I still have my calendar showing the month of March. I am really behind. I of course have nothing planned. I started taking progesterone again so that I could finally have another period. And so I can have a HSG done....I know so exciting. So of course I just had to start my period a few days before my birthday. I always have cramps. Really bad ones in fact. But I swear since I don't always have them (December was the last one) when I do have one it is TERRIBLE! Nothing will touch it. Luckily I have some pain killers from when I was in the hospital with a terrible stomach virus last year. Thank goodness. So today instead of enjoying some warm sunshine, going to lunch with my dearest, and eating lots of goodies I am using a lot of these…pills

While looking out the window at this…rain

And feeling like this….literally….cramps

Now I am just hoping that our overnight stay in Park City this week isn’t affected by all of this….I really don’t want to reschedule.


A pet?

I have wanted a pet for awhile.

Our friends fish had babies.

Am I crazy to want a couple?

I think maybe.

So I am now searching for an aquarium.

A used one.

A small one.

If only the guy with the KSL ad would reply to me.

Is it a sign?

It could be my Birthday present.

Sounds good to me.



Going ok...

If only my mom would order every campaign

Then I would be good.



Yes it is true...I am now selling Avon. It seems like it is going to be something that will be much easier to sell than what I was selling (trying to sell) in the past. I am still learning more on how to get my business started but in the meantime check out my direct website here. I am was totally surpised at all the cool things Avon is selling now and how inexpensive everything is. I LOVE the Mark line. Let me know if you have questions...Happy Shopping.
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