Tegan's Funnies

Today has been a pretty funny day for Tegan. First off...We bought him a little floatation swimsuit (not sure what the are actually called) off of ksl and unfortunetly it is too big but will hopefully fit him next year. Well he wanted me to put him in it. He put his arms in so they were by his side and he could not move his arms. Well he ended up tripping and couldn't get up since his arms were tied down. I helped him up and I was laughing so hard cause it was the funniest thing to watch. He though it was so funny that he got such a reaction out of me that he kept doing it. Dang it was a funny site!
Next...I was making him lunch and when I was finished walked into the living room to put him in the high chair so he could eat...and there he was already in his high chair trying to buckle himself in. He is turning into a little climber! And he is so smart....Love that little guy!


I am so proud of my brother Chantz! We were able to join him at the temple when he recieved his endowments. It was beautiful! I can't believe he leaves so soon....I don't like it!

New project

I got this little bench at DI for $5 and I decided to spruce it up a bit... Before

Mini Golf July 11th

We had a coupon for Libery Land for free Mini Golf to Liberty Land (thanks frogzog.com) so we decided to try it out. I thought it would be bad news with Tegan but he had a blast. I guess combining his 2 favorite things a ball and a stick was a great idea! He knew exactly what to do and actually won (thanks to daddy)!

Tegan had a blast! We are going to have to go back!

Maybe he will be a golfer?
So happy about hitting the ball with his stick

Thirsty boy!


Exploring My Options

As some of you may know I have begun to start couponing. Never thought I would do it but so glad I have! I have cut our grocery bill in half from just couponing for about 2 months now. I was welcomed into the world of couponing by this wonderful site. Carrian (the author) has asked me to do a guest post tommorow. Check it out here. If you would ever want to explore the options of couponing yourself Carrian teaches classes and I wouldn't mind getting together with those you as well. I admit I don't know everything but I know enough to start saving. It all takes practice as everything else does so I hope to become an expert some day (hopefully soon).


4th of July

We spent the 4th at my parents house. My grandparents were in town and of course I forgot to take pics of them. I am terrible lol Tegan had a blast until about 9:30 pm...the fireworks were startling him since he was so tired so we decided to head home. We usually watch the Thansgiving Point fireworks from at my parents but I guess we didn't miss much...my mom said they weren't that great this year. I guess with the economy they needed to cut back as well as everyone else. Love this pic!
Getting ready to do some smoke bombs

This is my attempt at getting Tegan to look at the camera

Tegan really like the smoke bombs....they didn't make noise lol

My handsome little man

Tegan loved stepping on the little poppers. He started jumping on them and was laughing so hard.

We got out the sprinkler....

He was drinking the water...plus it started to get a little cold cause the wind came up but he enjoyed anyways

The adventures of Tegan eating his first roasted marshmellow.....

At one point his hand was sticking to his face.

Tegan and I playing with and extra long sparkler....he lost interest less than half way through lol

We can never get Tegan to look at the camera
Tegan with Daddy enjoying the fireworks

Pumpa with Tegan

Tegan starting to get scared of the fireworks

Tegan tired and ready to go home.

Chantz and His Mission Call

Want to hear updates on Chantz check out the blog that I have created for him and become a follower. Click HERE
Louisville Kentucky.....Look out! Yes this boy is going on a mission
And no he can not make a serious face

Chantz with his best buds Keldon and Nathan H.

Chantz recieved his call Wednesday July 8th, 2009

David and Tegan were ready for him to open his papers

Chantz's best friend Nathan B. (he is on a mission) family sisters Erica, Makell, and his mom Karen

reading his call

Making sure everyone knew that he was going on a mission...we all needed convincing lol

Mom and Dad with Chantz

I love this pic!

Tegan goofying off afterwards

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