We Need a Vacation

Yes that's right we need a vaction! David isn't going to be able to take any time off from work this summer so we need somthing that we can do over a weekend. And we also don't have a lot of money. We also have to take our little Tegan with us. Any ideas of something that we can do that is fairly close? Please help us!



Sorry for all the posts all at once! We have been crazy busy! David started online classes for the summer so when I actually can get on to blog he is on doing homework. I just can not wait until this month is over. I have had many weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, we have been working on the basement, and doing things to prepare for Chantz's graduation. I can't believe my brother is graduating soon. I also can't believe that he will be going on a mission next year! I still have a lot of random blogging to do. And they are not going to be in order. I have some pics that I need to get off of my moms pictures and I am waiting for some pics from friends. Hopefully after this month I can be better at blogging more often so I don't have to do it all at once.

Another wedding

Well we are wedding pooped! We helped my mom with a wedding Friday cause she had my brothers drama banquet. It was up Provo canyon and was a really nice night. Tegan was also very good for us again. The wedding was actually for the guy who did the dj-ing at our weddings son. Steve and Andy are awesome and we wish them well in there future adventures. We hope to hang out with them this summer on our maybe trip to St. George. Tegan was pooped during the wedding and feel asleep in his stroller. Of course I had to capture a pic.

Boppy time

Tegan loves laying on his boppy.


After awhile of him chewing on his hands my mom said that she thinks that Tegan his teething. And yes it is true! He is chewing on everything and you can see those 2 little teeth starting to come up. He loves this little blanket that has a chew toy on one corner and Elmo on another. Nana and Kylie got this for him. Mainly cause Kylie is a Elmo fanatic.

Just cause I can!

I took this picture about a month ago when Tegan just started sucking on his hands. It's adorable!


We haven't been able to find any sunglasses that fit Tegan so we though he could try mine out.

Kolar Wedding

I was able to go to a dear friends Sarah's wedding a couple weeks ago. It was absolutely beautiful! I wish them happiness in their marriage. The day was just wonderful. It was also Tegan's first wedding. He was surprisingly very good since we were gone all day with the sealing, luncheon, and reception. My mom did fountains for them and of course that was delicious!


We got Tegan a bumbo last week and he is loving it. You can't tell by the picture though cause he was getting tired at this point. He isn't able to sit in it for very long since his neck isn't quite strong enough. He tries to lift his head all the time especially in his carseat. Meaning he wants out cause he absolutely hates it! LOL! I just can't believe how big he is getting!

Musical Prodigy

I do believe that Tegan is a musical prodigy. We taught him how to play his alligator xylophone(how do you spell that?). He was actually hitting hit! We had a ton of fun with it and him.


Free Jewelry??

My mom heard of this site on the Today Show today. It is www.silverjewelry.com The jewelry is free you just have to pay $6.95 shipping. I am serious! Go check it out!


Spoiled By Grandpa

Tegan's Funny Face
Yes, Tegan is Spoiled by Grandpa
Tegan's sorta-smile
I promised it...Tegan loves his hands
We had a little photo shoot. I haven't been that great at taking pictures lately.


Not a Good Afternoon

Well this morning was fine...Tegan slept almost through the night. He woke up at 6 am which I was really excited about! I actually had to wake him up at 8:30 to feed him before I went to work. Work was going fine also...My mom let me take her GPS and I was able to find things much easier! My boss then asked if I could take a few deliveries out to Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs. I said that was fine cause it was 12:15 and I have to be off work at 1 pm so I can feed the little one. Well the one in Eagle Mountain was a lot farther than I thought and than somehow...I don't know how the GPS got me lost on one of the deliveries in Saratoga. Then I finally found it. I then was starting to feel the pain of not being able to feed my son for 5 1/2 hours since it was now 1:30. Well I then was on my way back to the shop. I was then pulled over by a stupid cop because I was going 55 mph in a 35. But I had no clue where I was and thought that it was 55 mph cause that is what it usually is out there. I have only been out to Saratoga a handful of times. I told the cop this and that I was trying to hurry home because I needed to feed my baby. Well he took forever to fill out the stupid ticket and gave it to me as I was bawling not just I got a ticket but cause I was in a lot of pain. Now I just have to figure out how we are going to pay for the dumb ticket! The money that we are getting from the goverment is not going to be spent on what we thought was going to be spent on. RRRRRRR!!!
Regardless I do have to say Tegan is loving his hands. He loves sucking on them! It is the cutest thing! He is also making lion sounds which is adorable! He is just getting too big! I will have to post a pic of his new found hands. Sorry long post...Just had to vent!
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