Friend's baby shower

I was able to attend my friend Lauren's baby shower yesterday. All 3 of us in the pic attended the same ward in Provo. She is prego with baby #2 due in July. Can't wait to meet the little guy! Stef and Aiden, Lauren and Carly, Me and Tegan

Friends Wedding

My friend Chelsey got married May 21st. We went to hair school together and she was one of my bridesmaids. After I got married we lost track of each other but I was so excited to be invited to her wedding.

Sunday Afternoon at the Park

Mommies Scarf

Tegan found my scarf...and he sure had fun! May 17th

Our Garden

Our landlords gave us permission on do a garden in front of our building. So our neighbors are helping us out with it. Tegan thought he had to help out. Now every day that we go out to play he has to grab his "tools" and "help" pull the weeds and "water" the garden. He is hilarious!


We went to the Hogle Zoo May 15th and Tegan loved it. He really like the meerkats prolly cause they kept running back and forth in front of the glass. I just laughed and kept smiling. We stood there for ever watching them. He sure did crash in the car on the way home though.

Too Cute Not To

Here are some cute pics of Tegan that I couldn't resist posting. Tegan got in his toy box and quickly found out that stepping on his toys hurt his feet.

Tegan was caught red handed emptying the wipes.

Much needed update

Ok this is the first of a few events that have gone on that I have missed. Sorry for the delay.
I will start with my birthday. It was April 18th and it wasn't anything special. I swear the older you get the least special they become. So I am expecting that when I am 30 for everyone to forget my b-day...lol...j/k. David worked that morning so that night we went to Texas Roadhouse (my fav). We then went and did a little shopping at the mall and headed home for cheesecake and a movie. We watched The Boy in the Striped Pajamas...which I liked and David didn't.

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