Got a Job!

I can see myself being more stressed. I can feel it coming on.

I got a job...Oh yay! Not sure if I am happy about this. I got a job at Smith's as a bagger. Not exactly what I was hoping for but it is a job. The position doesn't pay that much at all. Not enough for me to pay a sitter for Tegan. Luckily I will be working nights so I will only have to get a sitter for a few hours. More hours than I was wanting though. David gets off at 6pm. Most days this week I will be going into work at 4pm or 3:30pm one day. I am hoping that after talking to my manager tomorrow she will give me more of a set schedule. I as a mother need one. I can not be finding out my schedule on Friday for the following week starting on Monday. And I can not try to find a sitter for those days and times. I am stressing right now! Can you tell?! I was not aware that they were scheduling me this week so I just found out today of my schedule and I start work on Wednesday and I have training tonight at the Orem store. I hope this goes a lot smoother than it is playing out in my head. I hope David can handle preparing dinner...I doubt it. The man didn't even know how to make mac n' cheese from a box when we got married. He has made progress but not enough. Looks like I will need to start making menus (which I have never been good about) and make dinner before I go to work so that he can heat it up when he gets home. Dang did I mention that I am stressed?! I really am wondering what I got myself into.

In the meantime with the very little spare time that I will have I will be looking for a different job that hopefully pays more. Please everyone keep a look out for me.

In answer to the previous post that I wrote: I am really surprised of all the comments that I got. I am shocked at how my opinions are different than others. I will have to write another post about it. I also need to get pics from the past couple months up. There aren't much but guess I better get them posted before I get more stressed...if that is possible.
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