Becoming a smaller me

I am so happy! For a while now my pants have been falling off of me. So a few days ago I had to go get a new pair of jeans. They are one size smaller! Yippee!

4 Month appointment

Tegan had his 4 month appointment on Tuesday. He is 25 1/2 inches long and weighs 14 lbs. And his head has not grown since his last appointment. He has a small head like his daddy...that is why it is so hard to find hats that fit him. He got his shots and he did a lot worse than last time. He was really whiny and just wanted to cuddle all night. So he ended up sleeping with me. So I had a bed partner while David was out of town.

Rice Cereal

Tegan had Rice Cereal for the first time on Thursday. At first he gave the funniest look and then he enjoyed it. He knows exactly what the spoon was for and was opening his mouth everytime it would get close to his mouth. He has been sleeping a little better at night since he has been getting a few more calories

David's Training

David went to LA for work training he left last Sunday and came back Friday. He was to get a car rental...just a normal car. Well they didn't have the car that they were supposed to have for him so they gave him a 08' Ford Mustang Convertible. Crazy and unfair huh? I was pretty jealous! Here are some pics he took to prove it too me cause I thought he was lieing.

Warm day at the park

Kylie and I decided to go to the last week. Tegan just loves the swings and the slide.


Last Sunday 3 of David's sisters, their kids and his mom came to visit. We had a nice lunch and it was a beautiful afternoon. Tegan also met some of his cousins. We were able to catch a pic of all of them. This is Emi giving Tegan a kiss...so cute!


Un-bouncy seat

Tegan pooped in his bouncy chair so I had to wash it. This has come an almost everyday thing. Well we thought it would be funy to put him under the frame of the bouncy seat. He loved it! He held on for about 5 minutes.

On the Floor

Tegan is hilarious! Most of the time when he plays on the floor he falls asleep just like this (but he won't do this at bed time...what's up with that LOL!). And yes he is just like me...he sleeps with his eyes open.

Sitting Up

Tegan is sitting up just slightly supported. I just love these pics!


Tegan slept in his crib for the first time May 27th. He loves it!


My grandparents were in town last weekend so Tegan and I went to Cabella's with g-pa (that is what Tegan and I decided to call him). We just had to capture of course, especially in front of an elk.

Kru is welcomed to the world

Congrats to Jordan and Kurt! They welcomed their little man, Kru, into the world May 24th. Tegan and I visited them at the hospital the following day. I can't believe that Tegan was that small only 4 months ago.


Nana got Tegan some sunglasses. Sorry the pic is blurry

First time to the park

May 15th Tegan and I were able to meet up with my friends Jordan, Kim and her baby Kyleigh. He didn't mind it too much.


We are so proud of my brother Chantz. He graduated from high school 8 minutes before the deadline. He has some health problems so this year has been tough for him. Congrats Chantz...the world awaits!

We went to Tuachano's before graduation here are some random pics!


Tegan with Chantz and his friends on Prom night April 26th. Don't they all look handsome.
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