Potty Training: The Beginning

I was going to title this post "Day 1" but I didn't do a whole lot of training today so I can't really call it that. I plan on giving Tegan my whole attention on Monday and the rest of this week to potty train him.
Yesterday Tegan became acquainted with Potty Scotty and came to really like him. He loves giving him drinks and taking him to the potty. When Scotty goes potty in the toilet we say "YAY YAY YAY!" as well as to Tegan. Whenever he sees Scotty he wants to give him a drink but there is a problem...both bottles that we have to give him a drink have cracks in them and we can't give him a drink with out getting water everywhere. I am hoping to fix them so he can have a drink...he is probably really thirsty. I did buy the doll used on ebay but I don't think they came cracked since they worked fine for a few times. I don't want to pay $5 to get just one bottle so it must be fixable!
Today I did my friends hair (which took forever! Sorry B.). Tegan came in and said "Stinky". Well I couldn't tell if he was actually saying he was poopy or not since he says it all the time. I don't think he has figured out that the word is to be used to explain a stinky smell. Hopefully he will get the hang of it soon. Well I went back to what as I was doing and happened to look down and Tegan had taken off his diaper but didn't see anything but a wet diaper. I had him go sit on the toilet (no success there). Once he got off the potty I noticed that his bum was messy but not sure how that happened since he didn't go poop. I cleaned him up and got him dressed. I went into the kitchen to start working on my friends hair and noticed a pile of poop on the floor. I do believe while he took off his diaper the poop fell out. I had Tegan come help me clean up the mess. He loved cleaning it up and wanted to clean the whole house with all the Clorox wipes...I love what a big helper he is becoming.
Shortly after that I put Tegan down for a nap and put his diaper on backwards. It worked yesterday so I had no doubt in my mind that it wouldn't work again. Well time came around that David had to wake him so we could take him to my parents so they could watch him so David and I could go see Avatar (loved it!). Of course he took off his diaper before he fell asleep, just slipped that thing right off. Luckily he didn't pee everywhere. David rushed him to the bathroom hoping he would go in the potty. He left the room for a short few seconds when we hear "YAY YAY YAY!" Tegan was so proud of himself for going potty! I was so proud as well as David! He did get a candy for going potty and we continued the praise. But of course he wanted more candy and threw a fit. Hopefully he understands that it is just a reward.
Yesterday we got Tegan big boy underwear, Elmo and Mickey Mouse ones. He slept with them last night. He loves them and hopefully he still loves them on Monday, The Big Day!


Diaper Woes

Last night Tegan went to bed at 8:30pm. Yes I was very excited since the night before he didn't go to bed till 11:30pm and was still up most of the night due to his 2 year old molars coming in. I went to check on him before I went to bed (which was 12:30, way too late) and found Tegan on the floor right in front of his door with his pillow and blankets. Looked further down and he unzipped his footsie pj's, unbuttoned his onezie and had taken off his diaper. Who knows how long he slept like that. This particular night I didn't think it was important to safety pin his pj's closed since it has been awhile since he even tried to un-do them. Bad judgment on my part....YES! So I very carefully put his diaper on and while doing so noticed that he got his pj's wet. Oh yay! So I had to completely change his clothes which of course woke him up. After getting him dressed I put him in bed, again not thinking about safety pinning his pj's closed. Luckily the little monster layed down in bed and went right to sleep.

Fast Forward till morning
David was in the shower getting ready for work, me still asleep. I then hear David telling Tegan to "Go see mom!" Tegan loves taking showers with Daddy and since he starting doing this thinks he can shower with Daddy (and mommy, UGH!) everytime. Well I heard the commotion and went to get Tegan to put him in bed with me. I pick him up and notice that he was soaked....again. Of course when waking up he took off his diaper without taking off his pj's completely, which I didn't notice through my very tired and sleepy eyes. Very angrily I took Tegan to his room to change him, as I noticed that there was a wet spot on the floor...then another...and another. I then decided to give him a bath as I noticed more and more wet spots. I then felt like I had a dog as I cleaned up all the pee spots all over the floor.

Fast Forward to naptime.
1 o'clock comes around and Tegan is very tired due to him waking up at 7 am. I rock him till he is almost asleep so I don't have to hear his piercing screams. Put him to bed and to no avail starts screaming. I leave him in his room to him screaming and lock the door behind me (luckily the lock is on the outside. Thanks to whoever made that mistake). I then attempt to catch up on my daily emails when I hear the ripping of velcro...great not again. I go into his room put his diaper back on as well as his pants. I go back to the computer. Tegan finally goes to sleep. YAY! Soon there after I choose to check on him Good thing!, I then again find that Tegan is asleep on the floor with his diaper off. Are you kidding me!? I then put his clothes back on as he wakes, again. But this time I put his diaper on backwards in hopes that he can not take it off this time. I wish I knew where the duct tape was because that could really come in handy. I am sitting here at the computer hoping that he didn't not figure out how to take off his diaper and wish that he would go back to sleep because he is a very tired boy.
I have decided now that I got his Potty Scotty in the mail today I will be going to the store (when David gets home of course, I don't take Tegan with me anymore) and getting stickers and candy and a toy. I will be potty training him very soon....Maybe tomorrow.


New Way To Keep Up With Us

I have found that not as many people have been reading my blog since it became private. And thanks to my friends idea I decided to do this: I will post here telling you when I have updated our blog. You of course need will need an invitation, but if you are reading this you already have one. This way you can add the blog address on Google Reader or the other ways you keep up with blogs.
Web address: thepattersonupdate.blogspot.com

New Years Resolutions

I have never took the time to write down my New Year's Resolutions. They always seem to be too personal that I never wanted to write them down for people to see. I have decided to do so no matter how personal they may be. It may give you an outlook on my life.

1. Lose Weight and Be Healthy- I have a weakness...it is food! I was really excited after I had Tegan because I lost my baby weight plus more. Didn't last long since I gained all of it back. I am not as overweight as I was before I got pregnant but still very much over weight.
I have chosen to take on running. Never thought I would ever do so. I have always hated running and hated my gym teachers through out all my school years that would make me run. After I have heard of my many friends that enjoy it I decided to give it a try. Today I got some very comfortable running shoes and a pedometer. A little too much than I wanted to spend, but hopefully it will make me feel guilty if I want to try quiting. I have found a running schedule online so I can start training for a 5k in May.
I have also started a "Facebook Biggest Loser Competition". I am super excited to start this adventure with my friends and acquaintances.

2. Take Charge of My Body- Kind of goes along with #1. I have been having many issues with my body health wise for years and I am now taking the steps to figure out what they are. I have been afraid of what the problem could be and what the steps would be to make it all better.

3. Care Less- Weird goal? I don't think so. I think I just care too much of what people think. I am always trying to please others to the point that I stress myself out. I don't necessarily care what people think I look like, but what people think of me as a person. I think I am a good person but would like people to think so too.

4. Be more organized- This does not come naturally to me. I don't enjoy it and trying to do it just stresses me out. I wish I was born with the genes to love it. My mom and sister are really organized...I am not. I find it difficult organizing my time and life as well as our small "cozy" apartment. I have been hoping to be able to afford a larger apartment in time for baby #2 (no not an announcement) but it is just not going to happen. I have been trying really hard the past few weeks to purchase organizing materials and so far I think I am doing a pretty good job.

5. Pay Off Debt- Every year we have plans to pay off some debt with our tax return. But every year something has come up that we were forced to use the tax return. And every year it has gone to vehicles. And this coming year is the case again. I know somehow we will be able to pay off something...I have hopes!

6. Get My Cosmetology License- Yes it has been over 4 years since I graduated. There are many reasons to why I don't have it. I passed my practical test with a surprisingly 98%. The written test I took 6 times each time I failed by just a few points. Spending $75 each time to retake the test was just too much and I decided to take a rest...didn't think it the rest would be 3 years long. I have been told that they have come out with an easier test that makes more sense so hopefully I have more luck this time around. And I have found a studying partner so hopefully that will help as well.

7. And Finally....Be a Better Blogger- I know I have slacked...and this is also due to #4. With me blogging here, and here (which I have also slacked on), recently spending my time doing this, being a mother to Tegan (sometimes by myself due to David working 2 jobs), and trying to be a wonderful wife, I have found myself very busy. And like I said I have a hard time organizing my time.

I have had many random feelings about random things lately so this is Post #1 to the many that are to come (along with long awaited posts of my little family).

Love you all and Happy New Year!
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