I take friendship very seriously. It is sad that not everyone does the same. I choose to surround myself with people that lift me up, give me encouragement and do not jump to conclusions. And I continue to do the same.

It is sad that bad things have to happen to realize who your friends are. But if they didn't happen I wouldn't know who is being truely my friend.




I am thankful for all my friends that have been through everything with me. EVERYTHING.

It is not the QUANTITY of friends that matter. It is the QUALITY.


Everyone has Their own Trial

I stumbled across this blog awhile ago and I believe everything that this man has said. Everyone has their own trial some seem so trivial to others and some are huge. I have learned so much from what he has said on his blog and continue to read it and it has continued to open my eyes. I suggest that everyone read this.

(Gay) Mormon Guy

I posted this to share my beliefs. If you do not believe what I do that is fine we can agree to disagree. This is my blog and I will and can write what I want with out being bashed.


Mindy Gledhill - Anchor

I can listen to this song over and over all day long. Never gets old.



Those 2 Pink Lines

Many women will never know what it is like to not see those 2 pink lines for months (or in my case 18 months). I do. Never once surprised to find once again that there was only one little pink line on the ovulation test. Just like every day I would stomp the ground, hunch my way to the garbage and throw it away. Then I would try to pick myself back up and try to put on my happy place for Tegan and hope that he doesn’t see me cry once again. It kills me to hear him say “Mommy you ok?” again and again. So when you see those 2 little pink lines you are more than ecstatic and jump for joy. Now I am normal. I am like many other women and can ovulate. Now to see if we can make some use of it.


{Thanks to Google for the pic. Mine looked just like this.}


Just a little bragging…

It is just so wonderful to have a potty trained child. Especially since it took over 8 months to accomplish the task. I knew he could do it but fighting with a stubborn child won’t get you anywhere and it didn’t. Finally it clicked with him. Who knew that my very clean child didn’t like cleaning the poop out of his underwear. I was thinking that we would wait awhile to get started on night training. I just didn’t think he could do it since he sleeps so soundly. Well the past week his pullups have been dry every night so we took the plunge and let him sleep in his underwear. I woke him up before I went to bed and had him go to the bathroom and he was completely dry this morn. Oh what a relief! I know that I am not fully out of the ballpark and that he will still have accidents from time to time. But not having to clean up a mess every day multiple times per day is fantastic!

Tegan being potty trained proves to me that he is growing up. Much too fast. I don’t like it one bit.


A fan can be art?

At The Foundary today there is new stuff! Like this super cute fan

Only $42…


Isn’t it gorgeous?!

Or I really need some new pans. They are literally chipping away. Too bad payday is too far away.

Only $145…


Rachael Ray I love your stuff but don’t own any of it. How does that work?


Both found at The Foundary today.

Phone Call Scam

***I remember hearing about this scam awhile ago somewhere but can’t remember where…does anyone have an idea***

Well last night I was so tired so I went to bed early. Like 11pm early. I had just gotten to sleep when I heard a my phone ring. At MIDNIGHT (correction: after looking at my phone the phone calls were at 12:40 am). I was so annoyed and saw that it was an ‘UNAVAILABLE’ number. UGH! I got the same call the night before. I didn’t answer. A minute later it started ringing again. I really just wanted to throw my phone out the window at this point. I finally just answered it. It was a recording stating that my Wells Fargo Account had insufficient funds (or something like that I was barely awake). Well…I don’t have an account with Wells Fargo. Another UGH!

I just don’t want people to fall for this scam. I heard somewhere that they will ask for you to enter in some certain information such as your account number and social security number. I guarantee you that if there was a problem with your account that the bank would not be calling you at MIDNIGHT when you are half asleep.

So please don’t fall for the scam and just commence sleep.



Since so many women are prego I figured so many people could use a deal on baby stuff. You can either spoil yourself or buy a baby gift at The Foundary. They have some super cute blankets for pretty dang good prices. Check it out!

Like this blanket for $13


Or this one for $14


At The Foundary you can find even more than baby stuff. I love a good deal don’t you?

My mantra’s as of NOW!

 be who you are




How do you like the new look? I am finally finding out how original my blog can actually look with some tweaking. Still working on some things so bear with me.
P.S. Did you notice that you don't even have to leave a comment if you like something I write? Take a look.


I wish I would have thought about this before…You can buy Ovulation Tests/Kits on Amazon. Not only that but it is a fraction of the price of the ones sold in stores. Along with the doctor bills and medications it kills me to have to pay $19-$30 for Ovulation Tests. Well at least next month I can save. I always hope to not have to buy them ever again but I have been buying them for 1 1/2 years now so I am not holding my breath.

A Break…

As some of you may have seen I have decided to take a break from Facebook. It just causes me too much pain. I just don’t have the strength to overcome it right now. I am tired of people telling me how I should feel and what I should do. Just stop…

On my quest to find some hope and something to uplift my spirits I found this poem. The auther is unknown…

When do I stop?
When do I realize it's enough?
Why does it have to be me
who has it so tough?
There are many out there
who are evil and perverse.
Yet do You burden them
with an infertility curse?
A 16 year old delivers
a healthy baby boy
then throws him in the garbage
like some old broken toy.
A drug addict
has 3 beautiful little ones
and beats them black and blue
for nothing they have done.
A worn-out woman
with already more than she can bear
sighs dissapointedly
when she sees two lines are there.
God give me one, just one
to cherish all my days
And I promise that to You I'll give
all glory, credit and praise.
Make it stop
this intense longing and fear.
Please give me a child
that I can hold near!



My knees are gunna be hurtin’ tonight.

Right before I crawl into my black hole and cry.


Is it safe to say….

that Tegan is potty trained? I don’t want to jinx it but I am sure proud of my little buddy. He hasn’t had a accident since Thursday! What?! I am sure he will occasionally have them but to not have them everyday is just wonderful. It makes my day so much better when I don’t have to clean up the mess. So for his reward we are going to Disneyland with my family in December. We were already going to go but I think this helped him actually want to potty train. It sure was a long 8 months trying to get him trained but it was totally worth it! He is still wearing pull-ups at night since he still has occasional accidents. But the past few nights he has been getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom so I hope that night training isn’t far behind. 

These are some pics from our trip to the Dinosaur Museum today.


Tegan with his friend Bronson.


Tegan posing in front of the shark.


Is it worth it?

Sometimes I wonder if all the stress that I put myself through while trying to conceive is worth it. If going to the doc multiple times during the month is worth it. If spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars is worth it. But then I see Tegan…I see how happy he makes me. I see how he makes my days so much brighter because he is part of them. I love that he is my little buddy and partner in crime. He sure can be a little handful at times but it makes me love him even more. He is so much like me it makes me laugh. I can’t wait until that day when Tegan can do what he does best and that is be a little friend to children that are smaller than him. I can’t wait till the day that he becomes a big brother.  So after seeing all these things I realize that it is worth it. When I do finally conceive I will have a new appreciation to those who go years and years without being able to be a mother. I will never take all the miracles that come into my life for granted. So yes…It is totally worth it!


A Haunted House

As some of you may know we are living in my parents old house. When I lived here during my teen years I always thought that this house is haunted as well as my family.  I would hear the strangest things in the middle of the night and see things too. We then found out that the house was built on indian burial grounds. Really! The house isn’t old or anything it is only maybe 11 years old. So it is just weird!

Right after we moved in I heard what sounded like a glass being dropped onto the wood floors. I scoured the kitchen to find nothing. Well last night David and I were woken up by the blood curdling screams of Tegan. He rarely does that. If he does wake up in the middle of the night (which is quite often) he will climb into bed with us. David ran into see him sitting up in his bed frozen. David asked what happened and he replied saying “It’s rocky”. David of course had to ask some more questions to understand what he was saying. He then found out that Tegan saw someone sitting on his rocking horse (that is in the corner of his room) rocking back and forth. Freaking you out a bit? I know it sure did freak me out as David told me. Well tonight we are moving the horse out of his room in the hopes that he doesn’t see anything again tonight. The last thing that I want to hear in the middle of the night are the blood curdling screams from my toddler.


A Friend…

I feel so bad….Teg yesterday said that he wanted a friend. We drive down the street and he waves at all the big kids and wants to go play with him but he just isn’t old enough. Doesn’t help that he doesn’t talk as well as other 3 year olds. So he needs a friend! We get so bored during the day since it is just us two. So if anyone else’s child needs a friend let me know Smile


What to say…

So I came to the realization that I have not posted much about my family or posted pics well before Christmas. Opps! I have been so caught up with my issues and life that I just haven’t even thought about it. I really should catch up though. This is the only way that I even keep track of our lives since I am not a journal writer. Just seems so private to me. I am not a private person. So soon…I will hopefully get caught up with what has been happening in the past 9 months….geez that’s a long time. I am sure many of you will be bored and just look at the pics but it is all for my enjoyment.

As some of you may have seen….we are taking another wack at potty training. We never really stopped we just got tired of things not progressing so we just stopped pushing it all. We have been potty training for about 8 months and have had little success. While at home and being in his underwear he does great! Then when you put pants on him he goes pee a lot in his pants. To the point that I have to wash all of his shorts in a matter of a couple hours. And he has a lot of shorts. He also rarely poops in the toilet. When he has gone it has been an accident. He has also been wearing pull-ups when ever we go anywhere because like I said put pants on him and he doesn’t go. Well after not being able to put him in preschool since he is not potty trained I decided that potty training needs to happen soon. It will happen this month. I know that he will continue to have occasional accidents but for the most part he just needs to be potty trained. I hope that when the school year comes and we are able to continue where we left off with the speech therapist he will continue to progress in his speech. Because to be honest he has not done well with that since school ended. He just does not like practicing with me. So hopefully with him talking more he will be able to communicate when he needs to go to the bathroom. I can not wait until that happens.

We have made a shrine on the wall, his potty training shrine. If he is potty trained by December he will get to go to Disneyland and meet Mickey Mouse. Who right now is his absolute fave! We were hoping to go on a cruise with my family but with some unexpected things coming up it unforuntely won’t happen. Hopefully it will happen in the near future. So we decided it would be much cheaper and easier to go to Disneyland. We are still trying to figure out when we are going and exactly what we will do but we are planning on going in December. We are hoping to go during Christmas but we will see.

Tegan personality sure has come out resently. He is hilarious! The other morning I lay in bed listening to what he was doing downstairs. As I was going down the stairs Tegan ran over in a very sneaky way said “No, No, No Mommy go upsturs”, “Go take a shower”. Of course when he does that I know that he is doing something that he isn’t supposed to be doing. Well it wasn’t as big as some other things that he has done recently he had just pushed a chair over to the large entertainment center and climbed a few shelves to get his playing cards that I was keeping out of reach so that 6 boxes of cards wouldn’t end up all over the floor. I guess I didn’t have them hiden well enough. Tegan also has some sweet dance moves! We are hoping to be able to put him in some gymnastics and then maybe a hip-hop class this fall so he can not only get some energy out but do what he enjoys with other kids. Tonight as he was naked (we were hoping to convince him to go poop on the potty. didn’t happen.) he stood in front of me with his hands on his hips shaking them like Shakira. Then put his hands in the air and danced like he was from the disco era and was John Travolta. Hilarious! He makes us laugh every day!


My brother, Elder Whipple gets home in less than 2 months and we couldn’t be more excited! I am so excited to see him with Tegan. Tegan was only 18 months when he left and was so sad when he did. Tegan is so much like him that it will be a blast to see those 2 together. I am so excited to hear his stories and see how he has grown into a man. I have loved reading his emails every week and seeing how his testimony has grown. I love how he has stuck by my side through my hard times even though he is states away. He always knows exactly what to say. I just love my brother!

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