Tegan is a BIG Helper

Last night while unpacking some more boxes I found Tegan’s old baby bottles. I set them on the table to put them in a ‘baby”box for later. Well this morning Tegan decided that he needed to feed his doll (yes he has a boy doll and I am so glad I got it for him). He got the carton out of the fridge and filled up the bottle. In the process he also poured almost the whole carton on the floor. After hearing milk spilling on the floor from the next room I ran in. Tegan then told me, “Sorry mommy I’m helping”. No I couldn’t get angry. I was immediately confronted with sadness. This child of mine wants nothing more than to be a big brother. He is the best little helper. When that time comes that he gets the privilege he will be the BEST!

If you didn’t notice we did move which is the reason as to why I was unpacking. We found a cute little basement apartment in Lehi and we are loving it! We hope to stay here for a while. It is so big compared to our last apartment. I am loving the ward I was pretty much attacked at church yesterday with everyone’s kindness.

My brother also came home from his mission and Tegan and him are like 2 peas in a pod. Tegan asks for Chantz wherever we go. They were seriously made from the same mold so it is so fun seeing those 2 together.

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