Growing Up

Today Tegan woke up noticing that he had a slight accident in his Pull-ups. He told me and I told him that I would change them in a little while. Well a little while later I went in to change them and they had already been changed. How in the world did my 3 year old change his own sheets? I have no clue. I have a hard enough time changing them myself. I just can't believe how fast he is growing and learning. This past week he started talking in sentences even more. YAY! He is not much of a talker and this has been a great accomplishment. He is also starting to remember names. I love hearing him talk about his friends and family by name. Today is my last day at work. It is a bittersweet moment. I am so excited that I get to be home with Tegan and actually get to sleep. Even being able to see my husband will be a great thing. We have slowly been getting used to having him around more and I and Tegan are loving it! It sure has taken some getting used to since we were so used to him being gone but this change has been a long time and coming. David hasn't had 2 days off in a week in a few years. I sure will the people that I have worked with. I have come to love them. I will also miss the extra income. We don't necessarily need it with David's new position but we were hoping to have our car paid off before I quit. But that is ok it will just take a few extra months. I am so excited for Spring and Summer and to be able to have a life. And exercise! I am so excited to get my butt back in gear! So here is to cherishing the little moments with our children.


To Sell or Not Sell

Today I had the urge to sell all of the baby stuff. At least the big stuff. We are paying for a storage unit to store it all and it is bugging me. But I am sure that when if I did sell it then I would get prego and then we would have to buy everything all over again. I hate that decision. I have also been thinking I should cancel my Aflac insurance. The whole reason why I got it was to be able to use it while prego. Well after paying it for a year and there is still no progress (absolutely none) I feel like we are paying for nothing. But I am sure that If I did cancel it I would get prego very soon after. Too many decisions. I don't like them.

On another note now that I have a computer (I was without for a few days) I am going to try to catch up on past few months of what has been happening around here. Nothing really has happened so it shouldn't take too long.

We are enjoying and trying to adjust to David's new schedule. In some ways it is much easier and others it is harder. It is hard having to find someone to watch Tegan for an extra hour since David gets off work a hour later. But we have enjoyed having him home more. He has also been helping around the house more which I LOVE! With me working and getting little to no sleep it surely helps. My house is the cleanest that it has been in a while.

I was told that I don't comment on blogs (or a certain blog). So I figured that maybe some feel the same way. If you all think that I do not read your blogs, I do. I just don't spend much time on the computer and don't have time to comment. If I commented on everyone's I would be on the computer for hours. Really though I just forget sometimes. If I really don't have anything to say I don't say anything. That's just me.

I hope that everyone is doing well and enjoying the nicer weather, Spring is just around the corner!


Infertility Support

While watching the news tonight I heard that there is such a thing as Infertility Support Groups. I always thought that there should always be such a thing and there is. The only problem is that the only one near by is in SLC. I am now on the search to find one in Utah County...if there is one. If I had the time I totally would start one. I really do think that women should be open about their struggles. We can only help each other if we know what you are going through. That is why I have never held back. Some might find it annoying but most of the time those people have no clue what it feels like. So I have found something for all of those people. And everyone. I think everyone should read this. I even learned some things. Here is a list of
I appreciate everyones thoughts, prayers, and kind words. I LOVE you all!
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