Give Aways

Check out this cool site that gives away a ton of free things! You doesn't like FREE?


Britain's Got Talent!

I just saw this woman on Oprah today....and I do have to say that she gave me goosebumps! I can not believe that she has not been discovered yet. Even Simon loved her! Check her out here


Life at the Moment

Things have been out of controll lately which should explain the lack of blogging lately. Shortly after we fixed our car David got in a car accident which just happened to be April Fools Day. We thought it was totalled but unfortunetly it wasnt. I say that cause we have not even had the car 4 years and have been in 3 car accidents. They should have totalled it the first time cause it screwed up the frame. We will never be able to sell it...we will have to drive it to the ground. It is nice though cause we are still making payments and would have to regardless. It is going to cost us a good chunck of money for the deductible...I am just glad that we don't have to pay the full $4000 to fix it. Ouch! We hope to somehow save up some money with in the next few months to buy a larger vehicle. We are thinking something around $1000. If you hear of anything we would love to hear. We just hope that these plans won't be canceled or postponed which it has been done many times just this year (and it is only April). I am thankful for my testimony of tithing! We were struggling with the thought of how we were going to pay for our deductible. We are barely making it through with just our bills. And somehow we have extra money and are going to be able to pay it. Which is great cause our car should be fixed this Thursday. We are very sad to see the rental car go...we have a 2008 Kia Rondo! Very Nice!
Tegan on the other hand keeps me very busy! He is growing into a super cute toddler and laugh all day long. For example just today he was super cranky and put him down for a earlier nap. After his nap I went in to find that he did not have his diaper on and there was pee everywhere! I hope that it doesn't stink in there! Yuck! All I can say is that he such a boy and really curious! I sure do love him!


Tegan was excited to wake up to a basket of goodies. He didn't want to get ready for our very early church (8:30 am) cause he was too busy playing. We went to church came home and took naps. We then headed to my parents where Tegan got even more goodies. All he cared about was the gift bag. He then tried opening the little egg filled with marshmellows. He loved those. We blowed bubbles and hid a handful of eggs around the yard. Tegan had so much fun picking them up and taking them out. He was so funny! We just hung out in the semi-nice weather and relaxed. The holidays are so much more fun when you have a child!


Missionary Fun

My parents have had the wonderful missionaries over quite a bit and Tegan just loves them! There is Elder Yamaguchi from Japan and Elder Paquette from Quebec, Canada. Can't wait to have them over again.


Tegan's 1st Birthday

Tegan's Birthday was kinda a mess. David and I both had to work so Tegan hung out with my family. He was also teething and had a cold so he was pretty miserable. It was pretty memorable though..LOL! I got him balloons which he just LOVED! He held them all night....while eating dinner, eating his cake, taking a bath, and to bed...and for days after....he LOVES balloons!

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