Hi my name is…

Naomi and I am addicted to Vampire Diaries. Yep that’s right. Took me awhile to get on the bandwagon since we don’t have cable. But after they put it on Netflix I knew I had to watch it.

The problem is there are only 44 episodes….

I am at episode 34….

I watched that many in a matter of days….

I am tired….

I need sleep!

Me being a Twilightfanatic now says….Move over Edward…Team Stefan!

vampire diaries

vampire diaries2

vampire diaries3


Super Power

If I could choose one of the many super powers that people dream of what would I choose? I would choose for the ability to stop time. So I can have the opportunity to catch up. I really don’t like being left behind.

Just a little sad today.

It just keeps getting closer and closer to the 2 year mark.

And I don’t like it one bit.

Tomorrow will be better.


School Bus

Tegan asked me like he does pretty much every day: “Mommy I wanna go to Nana’s house!”

Me: “Not right now bud.”

Tegan: “Yes today MOM!”

Me: “Not right now. You are going over later.”

Tegan: “I will ride the school bus.”

Me: “Sorry bud but a school bus doesn’t go over there from her.”

Teg: “YES! School bus take me.”


Things that Tegan loves: The Magic School Bus and Nana.



Lately I have been so shocked as to what women pin on Pinterest. Don’t get my wrong I love the site. But it has showed me how unhappy women are. They are always trying to change themselves. They are never happy about their current state.

Take this for example:


The title of this picture was “This or That?”

Is there something wrong with one or the other?


I find something very wrong with this.

Who is to say what is beautiful?

The media?

How about our Heavenly Father who created our bodies.

I totally believe that everyone should be healthy but in no way is this:



I am proud to say that I am a “Plus Size” girl.

I am proud of that fact.

I was born with the genes that will not allow me to look like this:


And never would I want to.

I am grateful for my body.

This body of mine allowed me to birth a child. Now that is a super power.

Yes at times it lets me down but that is a fact of life. In no way is skinny going to make you “feel better”. Nothing can make you feel better but yourself. Nothing!

When you find that you love yourself. Everything about yourself you will find that you don’t care if you are size 1 or a size 18.

I am a size 18 and I am proud to say…

I am proud of ME!


I couldn’t come up with a good Blog Title…so this is it.

Wow! Has it really been that long since I last blogged? Not like anyone cares. I am starting to think that I am just writing to myself. Oh well.

The past month or so we have been quite busy. We have been in our new apartment for just over a month. And we are loving it! I have been to our ward a total of 2 times. Opps! Our ward is mostly made up of people who are quite older than us. And their children who are Tegan’s age are their youngest. So it is a little weird. Definetly something that we will have to get used to. I have definetly had to get used to going to a new ward by myself. I really don’t like that David works Sundays. I really miss having my companion by my side. We have yet to even meet our bishop or bishopric. Weird? Yea I think so too. I was told that the Relief Society Presidency would come by to visit. That hasn’t happened either. Weird?Maybe.

This past month has been full of back pain. Resulting in being bedridden for one whole week. Not cool! Along with another late period. And another. Yep.

Tegan has been going to speech therapy at the new school. Love it! Tegan is finally talking in sentences. Sentences people! Never thought I ‘d see the day. Well I did but…oh ya know. I can actually have somewhat of a conversation with him and it is wonderful! My days at home aren’t that boring anymore. He says the funniest things and I/we laugh all day long. He tells me that I am constantly in “Twouble” for things like talking too much or tickling him. He thinks that everyone is his friends including the teenage kids up and down our street. He loves everyone and tries to give every baby kisses. I am afraid that some moms may think I or him are crazy since he likes to touch or kiss their child. But it sure is heart melting.

David’s parent received their mission call and are going to Chicago. Illinois. We are so excited for them! We hope to be able to go visit them next year (since it is only a 12 month mission). That is if we can find some good deals on plane tickets, hotels, etc. We shall see.

We are headed to Disneyland in the month of December with my family and we are all so excited! Teg is so excited to meet Mickey Mouse. And we are excited for a our first official family vacation.

Oh and can’t forget that we are loving having Uncle Chantz home. He continue’s to corrupt my child by telling him to do things that are forbidden and teaching him countless things that a uncle should do.

We are hopping to get some family pics done with my side this weekend so I might actually have some pictures to post. Since that is the only thing people look at anyways. Right?

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