Vote for Tegan

I have entered Tegan into a baby contest online. If we get a lot of votes he can win $2,500. We would put that into a college fund. Please everyone vote for him and tell everyone you know to also do so. We love you all! VOTE NOW!

Going Private

I am thinking about going private. I want all of you to be able to read our blog so please leave a comment if you would like an invitation. I have some emails but not everyones. I hope you all read this. I think I might give it about a month before I go private. Thanks and love ya!


Caught a Smile

Is he not the cutest thing ever?! It took us awhile to catch his smile but we finally did it! I am in love with this little boy!

Easter Bunny

We went to the park on Saturday and saw the Easter Bunny and a random Chipmunk.


Tegan was visited by the easter bunny. He got a teething ring and foot rattles. He got a bunny and baby dvd from nana.


New Phone

Our contracts with At&t finally ended and we got contracts with Verizon. We are excited cuz we will be able to save so much money! Everyone is on Verizon it seems like. Our phones are pretty cool but they are going to take some getting used to. Easter pics are coming soon!


Too Young

Tegan is not even 6 weeks old and he is already holding himself up. He did this for about 2 minutes. I can't believe how fast he is growing.


No soy for Tegan

Well I mostly breastfeed Tegan. I do on occasion feed him formula while I am out cause we doesnt latch on very well and I have to use a shield which is a pain. And we sometimes feed him a little formula before he goes to bed so he will get full and sleep a little longer. Well last night we gave him soy formula and shortly after he massively spit up. All over his face, in his ears and in his eyes (so sad). So we will not be giving him that anymore. But we are extremely happy he went to bed at 10:30. YAY! We finally got some sleep!


I just screwed up

I just tried changing the background cause I was sick of not being able to see the pictures very well and it just deleted all my link lists. AHHH!! So I had to add them all again which took forever. If you are looking here at my blog please let me know if I forgot to add you. I don't want to miss your blog!

Stoked to lose weight!

I am so extremely happy! I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight. But now I have 50 more to lose. I gained 30 lbs after taking birth control all in 6 months. It was horrible! Next week I am going to start going to Weight Watchers. I have had many attempts to lose weight but haven't been as motivated as I am now. My first goal is to lose 6 lbs by Tegans blessing day which is March 30th. So here we go...back to my skinny self!

First Walk

I love that it has been fairly warm outside so I can take Tegan for walks. He falls asleep the moment we step outside.

Pumpa and Tegan

Tegan loves when Pumpa holds him like this!

Vibrating Chair

Tegan loves his vibrating chair! More than his swing now!

I hate Daylight Savings

Yes it is true! I love the fact that we get more daylight and that I can take my sweet Tegan for walks. But when it comes to bed time...I don't like it too much! Usually...before Daylight Savings we would bath Tegan at 9 pm and then I would feed him and then he would go to sleep between 10 and 10:30. Not now! We bath him at the same time but won't go to sleep till 11 or 11:30. Which would be his normal time. Last night we even kept him awake from 7 pm on. Didn't work. How am I supposed to get him to go to sleep earlier? Any suggestions?


One Month

I can't believe that Tegan is already one month old. His one month birthday was on Thursday. Time has flown like crazy. I can't wait for another month to go by! I just love being a mom and seeing my little boy grow! He is finally growing out of his newborn clothes which is bitter sweet. I am sad to see all those cute clothes packed away until another little boy comes along.


My Little Burrito

He loves being swaddled! This is the best invention ever! the past couple nights though I washed it and he majorly spit up all over it right after we put him in bed. We should probably get another one for when that happens.

Chicks Dig Me

Babies don't pose

Let's just say taking pictures of babies are really hard to do! We tried taking pics of Tegan to put on his baby announcement and it was very hard. It took 3 of us to make sure everything was ok. Tegan just loves moving his arms. There are many pics where you can see his body perfectly but his arms are blurry cause he would not stop moving them. I do have to say that it was adorable.
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