Sitting Still

Lately it is a very rare occasion for Tegan to sit still. He is very much a little boy! He is very curious and is always getting into things that he shouldn't. He is getting much better though. He knows what he can or can not touch. But sometimes he will push it a little and touch something and as I tell him "Don't touch" he turns around at me and smiles the biggest smile. Who can be mad at that face? Not me! Well my mom and I were putting up some Christmas decorations and of course Tegan just had to touch everything. So we put in his favorite show "Elmo" and he sat their without moving for about 30 min. I kept going in the room to check on him cause he was very quiet. Usually that means he is into something but he wasn't.

Pumpa Time

Tegan loves his Pumpa! He enjoys spending time with him just like this watching one of his favorite shows.

First Haircut

Sorry I am having difficulties putting these all in order...

Paparazzi pic



I finally broke down and cut Tegan's hair. I am actually surprised that it lasted this long. I decided to use my dad's flowbe. I figured it would be easier...less mess and wouldn't scare Tegan as much as the clippers. Less mess was right...but he still didn't like it. But he sure does look even cuter. He doesn't look like a baby anymore though. He looks like a toddler...my baby is gone!

First Thanksgiving

Tegan playing hide and go seek
Our cute place settings my mom put together

Our centerpiece that Chantz bought from the flower shop that we work at

We enjoyed a great Thanksgiving with my family this year. We missed out on having Thanksgiving at David's families due to work and money. My cousin Rachael and her fiance', Matt joined us and we loved being able to spend time with them. I wasn't really good at taking pictures but I did happen take a few.

Mr. GQ

I don't think he can get any cuter!!

David's Birthday

The goofy birthday boy!
Tegan loves his fishies!

I made him smile!

To my surprise this actually turned out cute!!

I know...I know...I am almost a month behind and have a lot of catching up to do.
David's birthday was fun yet low key. I feel bad cause due to our financial issues lately he didn't get much of a birthday...but he is always understanding. We went to Olive Garden for his birthday and it was delicious! Tegan loves their breadsticks and had many of them!
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