Tegan's 2 week appointment

Tegan had his 2 week appointment today. He weighs 7 lbs 14 oz, 20 1/2 inches long. He has grown so much just in 2 weeks, well 18 days. He did so good considering he had to have his heel poked yet again for his PKU, which he did not like whatsoever. Luckily when the nurse was about to take off his diaper to weigh him he pooped in the diaper, not all over the nurse. I would have felt terrible if he pooped on her, cause I know exactly how it feels to have poo shot at you! YUCK! Luckily he is sleeping right now because he did not sleep from 7 am until 11:15. Of course he fell asleep right before we had to leave for the docs. That is how it goes I guess. But he has been sleeping really well at night. For the past 2 nights he has only woke up once. I figure if I feed him a ton (which is hard cause he always falls asleep just takes a lot of patience) then he only wakes up around 3 am and then wakes up around 7am. I am loving the fact that I can get some sleep. I just love my little boy!

I really need to keep this updated

Tegan cuddling with Daddy!
Tegan with Grandma Patterson

Tegan's hands and mommy trying to be artistic!
Cousin Becky is holding Tegan
Tegan's 1st Valentine's Day, Nana got this for him
Tegan getting a tan on the bilirubin bed


Poor Tegan

Monday after bringing Tegan home David took him to the hospital because he had a little jaundice when we were at the hospital. Well it was really high so they brought a light therapy bed over for him to lay in. That was the hardest thing ever. He had to lay in it all the time except for when he had to eat or have his diaper changed. Not only did he not like it cause he couldn't be swaddled but I was very emotional cause I couldn't hold him. I just cried all the time! Plus David had to take him to the hospital so they could take his blood to check to see where it was at and they poked his heels and they are still torn up. Poor thing! Well luckily Wednesday we were able to take him off. I couldn't have been happier! It has been a hard week. Tegan has had his days and nights mixed up. But surprisingly I haven't been too tired. At least when I do sleep I crash unlike when I was pregnant I got no sleep! Hopefully he will figure it out soon. It is going to be an even harder week since David goes back to work tomorrow. I have loved having his help this week. He is such a great dad! He couldn't have been more of a help. He just loves Tegan and I love watching him with him. He does have the magical touch when it comes to burping Tegan. Valentine's Day we went to Chantz production The Man Who Came to Dinner. He had the lead and he was just amazing! He is so talented! It was very hard to stay awake though. David and I were so exhausted! But we knew if we didn't go then we wouldn't be able to go any other time. That night though I was getting depressed cause none of my clothes fit. Maternity clothes are too big and my other clothes are too small. I was even more depressed cause we have no money for me to buy new clothes since we have a ton of doctor bills to pay. My awesome mom decided to take me shopping for a few things to make me fell better for a early birthday gift. It really made me feel good since I found quite a few things that actually looked good on me. I just can't wait until I can start working out and start getting skinny again. I really have nothing to complain about though I actually have a waist! Very happy day!


Precious Tegan

With our midwife Mindy
Nana and Grandpa with Tegan
Aunt Kylie looking at Tegan
Nana showing Tegan off!
Tegan did not like his first bath at the hospital!
Tegan cuddling with nana

Uncle Chantz is so happy to have Tegan here!
Grandpa admiring Tegan
Eyore is bigger than Tegan
We are almost ready to go home

Tegan Roy is welcomed to the world!

Well let's just say that it has been a few crazy past days! Thursday I went to the doc at 9 am. I had high blood pressure and the protein in my urine was the highest it has ever been. Sadly I was so excited! My midwive then decided that they would induce me that day! I was so excited! I left the appointment shaking with nervousness. My mom and I went to the hospital at 11 am to get induced. I was so excited when I walked past the triage room into a delivery room! I have been in there too many times. After getting me all hooked up they gave me the pitocin at about noon. Soon thereafter David showed up...finally. They broke my water at 1:30 pm and at about 2pm I got an epidural. Not soon enough! The hospital was packed and I had to wait for the anesthesiologist to give 4 girls an epidural first since they were more dialated than myself. When I went to the hospital I was dialated to 3 cm and 80% effaced. It took me a really long time to progress to 4 cm and they said that if I didn't progress soon that they would have to do a c-section. Two hours later I was 5 cm. At that point I was feeling a lot of pressure and asked to be checked. In 30 minutes I progressed to 6 cm. Well they were getting worried cause Tegan's heartbeat would drop after every contration. They flipped me back and forth on my sides and gave me oxygen. They then prepped me for a c-section just in case he didn't get better and in case they had to do an emergency c-section. Well he then got better. The doc that was looking over my midwive came in to check on me to see how I was progressing. He checked me and I was dialated to 10 cm. Yes it was crazy I went so slow from 3-5 cm, but 5-10cm was crazy fast. So they prepped me to start pushing. At 9 pm I started pushing. At 9:38 Tegan Roy joined the world at 7 lbs 9 oz and 19 inches long. It is so nice to finally have him here! He is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. I am loving so much being a mom! Tegan is very strong, loves holding on to things, and loves his sleep like every baby does. He slept through the night last night last night and David and I got much needed sleep. We are loving having him home!


Tegan might be here tomorrow!

Well let me explain...I'm not sure if I have or not. A couple of weeks ago and went to the doc cause I was not feeling good at all. I was hoping if I whined enough they would induce me. Didn't happen of course but the midwive told me that if I was still feeling like crap that she would induce me in 10 days. Well the 10 days was up last Friday and that midwive was gone. Well I have an appointment with her tomorrow and I am demanding that she induce me tomorrow. I am not leaving until she does. I will be 39 weeks on Friday so there really isn't any excuse. I am really hoping that they induce me not only cause I am very sick but there is so many things going on next week. My brothers play starts next week and I really want to go see it since he is the lead, my mom is going to be very busy with all that, my cousin and gf are coming into town, and my mom is doing fountains at our stake valentine's ball on Saturday. As you can tell it would just be easier. I just can't wait to have Tegan here and then I can write about more exciting things. Just a little while longer!


Too Much! And still no baby!

Well too much has gone on...I can't handle it all. Well Saturday my mom took my poor sister to the ER, she has viral meningitis. She had bacterial a couple of years ago and they were able to give her meds. Since it is now viral she can't take anything but stuff for the symptoms. She had to get a spinal tap. She bawled her eyes out! I feel so bad! She did tell me that she knows what it feels like to get an epidural. It sucks she has to stay upstairs and I have to stay downstairs cuz I can not afford to get sick. She now can't come to the hospital when Tegan is born. Sunday morning we woke up to another foot of snow. My husband had to dig himself out to go to church. I am really getting sick of the snow! It hasn't snowed this much the whole time we have lived here. AHHHH! Last night I started having contractions again. They were 2 1/2 minutes apart and they were the worst I have had. I was bawling! After an hour of that we went to labor and delivery. And right after they hooked me all up... they completely stopped. I was so mad! And I have only progressed to 2 1/2 cm and still 70% effaced. This all seems worthless! But I know that it will all soon be worth it but right now I am just hating it all. I spoke to the midwive on call before I left the hospital and I asked if they could do something to move things along. But she said NO! Even though I told her that I am mentally unstable and I am going to go insane. Which is all true. I have been so depressed with just everything that is happening and not happening. She said that all she can do is push up my induce date so instead of it being one week after my due date maybe a week earlier. But I did talk to anyother midwive a couple weeks ago and she said that she would induce me at 39 weeks which is this Friday. I see her on Thursday and I am telling her that I am not leaving until they induce me. Hopefully it will work!
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