Pumpkins and Halloween

Halloween is so much fun with kids! Tegan had so much fun carving pumpkins and trick or treating! He knew exactly what to do...knock, hold out bag, and run off! lol He was hilarious! Can't wait until next year when he can talk more.

Christmas Update

Tegan amazes me everyday! That kid talks so much now! I worried to much about him not talking. He can say Momma, Daddy, Nana, Bumpa, Kylie, Chantz, No, Oh No! (his favorite phrase), What's that?, Where is it?, Ball, One-Two-Three, Seventeen (yes the most random thing haha), Please, More, Cracker, Snow, Kitty, Dog, Choo Choo, Ho Ho (Santa), Hat, Socks, Shoes, Go, Bye-Bye...and much more I just can't remember.
Yesterday I was watching him...he has an imaginary friend. HAHA He was sitting there motioning to have his "friend" to come sit with him. And was acting like he was playing with someone. It was really cute!
We have been super busy lately with life and the holidays. Including in one week I was in a car accident (yes again!) and David blew a tire on the other car. It has be over 2 weeks since the car accident and my car is still not fixed! Oh how I hate Police officers who do not file the accident, the high school student who will not call back with his report, and Insurance companies that take so long! My tail lights are out so hopefully I don't get pulled over and get a ticket...even if I do I will pass it on the insurance company. And due to these lovely events we of course do not have a car...so we are not able to go to Boise to spend time with David's family.
One day...hopefully soon I will get around to updating everyone on everything...with pics!
I am considering an easier way to read our now private blog...Please comment if actually are reading my blog...so I can see if it is worth it.
We love you all and hope you all have a Merry Christmas!


Well Blogger does not like me! I haven't been able to post pics for days. I really want to update but it just won't let me. But here is a few little snibets of today...
Tegan "helped" me shovel the parking lot. He got the broom and moved it all around. He was really cold when we were finished and started to cry. I am going to get him a snowsuit and better gloves (anyone know where I can get some good ones that he can actually move his hands in?).
Tegan has been a pill when I put him down for a nap. It takes about 30 minutes of me putting him back in his bed. After about 10 minutes I went in to check on him and could not find him. Where could a almost 2 year old be? .......Asleep under his bed! I sighed with relief and laughed!


Children's Museum

Tegan and I were able to go to the Gateway Children's Museum again with a couple of friends and there boys. Tegan had a blast like usual and could not stay in one place for long lol That is why the pics are blurry. He love the ball area and spent most of his time there while his friends were off exploring. Tegan and I, Jordan and Kru, Denae and Ander

Tegan trying to throw the veggies everywhere and then took off lol

This would have been cute if there wasnt a glare

playing in the ball area

The boys! Tegan, Kru, and Ander

Can't wait until we can go again...maybe this month since we have more coupons. Thanks Denae and Jordan for a fun time!

Hee Haws

We have made it a tradition to go to Hee Haw farms before Halloween. They have a corn maze, petting zoo, hayride, animal train, slides, corn pit and pumpkin patch. Tegan had a blast! He love walking through the corn maze and telling us where to go. We picked up some pumpkins a little expensive but it is all about the experience. We can't wait to go next year! Love this pic! Having fun on the hayride


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