Poop (ha ha)

We took a break from potty training a few weeks ago due to the fact that Tegan would not sit on the potty. Every time he would sit down he would say "Ouch!" not sure why but he would then get up.
Yesterday David took the day off (we are all sick, I have bronchitis and a sinus infection and David has a cold) he went in to get Tegan after his nap and he had taken off his diaper and peed everywhere. He then went and sat on his potty and actually went. YAY! He got a starburst and went on his way. Later that night when David was at work Tegan came up to me saying "Poop...Poop" And was tugging at his diaper. I took a look and there was no poop. I told him this and he pulled me over to the bathroom and he was trying to open the door. I then took off his diaper and he walked right over to his potty....and went! Oh JOY! He helped me poor it in the big potty while saying "Bye....Bye" and flushed the toilet. I couldn't be any happier. I gave him his starburst and did our little potty dance and he went on his way.
After changing his diaper this morning and I had him sit on the potty, not expecting anything to come of it. He then actually went...."YAY" we both said! He helped my dump it in the toilet while saying "Bye" of course. Seconds later he peed on the floor....sat on the potty again and then finished. Not too happy about him peeing on the floor but at least it was on the bathroom rug which can easily be cleaned.
So we need to work on him finishing while on the toilet and getting him to say PEE instead of POOP. haha
On another great note....David got super discounted discount tickets to Disney on Ice for March 10th. We are so excited to take Tegan.


Smart Boy

Tegan amazes me nowadays by what he figures out. This morning when I was getting out of the shower I heard music playing. I walk into the living room and Tegan is dancing to music that was playing on the computer. How he got is playing I have no clue...I don't even know how to do it.
His new favorite thing to do is "read" books. He will actually point at each letter and have me say the letter and he will repeat it. When he reads by himself the letters are either "s" or "a".
Tegan did have his 2 year old birthday on the 7th. I still can't believe that I officially have a toddler. Pics coming soon....
I promise soon I will be posting pics of the past few months here soon. I was thinking of just starting from now but since I would like to publish my blog into a book sometime I need to post from where I left off. I am trying to get all of our pics downloaded to costco.com so I can get them on a cd's for backup. Especially since we are getting rid of this computer since the cd-rom isn't working. It takes forever to download them to their site...especially since I have a ton of photos. It would be so much easier if I just had a cd burner. I am so behind that I am dreading how long it will take me to get caught up!


The Alphabet

I was standing at Tegan's door listening to see if he was asleep. Tegan was saything the alphabet is own way "A-B-O-O-O-B-B-A-A-A-B-B". The funniest thing I have ever heard! Love that kid even though it is way past his bedtime!
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