Feels like…

Someone just ripped out my heart and stomped on it.  Aunt Flo was 3weeks late with no good results. Really?! Why does this happen to me. If it’s going to come it might as well come on time. Feels like a month has just been wasted.

Another day down in the dumps. Gotta pick myself back up and try it again. I guess I can be happy that I ovulated for the first time in 19months (or even more).

Good thing I have some thing to look forward to so I don’t have to think about all my sadness. Elder Chantz Whipple comes home on Wednesday. I can’t wait to get a big bear hug and a slobbery kiss on the cheek. Because my brother Chantz always makes everything better.

Another great note…we are moving yet again. Sometime around October 8th. I am actually excited about it. We found an adorable basement apartment in Lehi and we are so excited for the extra space compared to our apartment. And less space then in this house we are currently in. We are excited to have everything out of boxes and ready for what life brings us next. If it is a baby then we are here with open arms. Tegan included.


6 year ago today…

…I married this man…


When we got married we only knew each other for 5 months. But we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.




Even with our little quirks I love him more and more everyday.




Marriage definetly isn’t easy but we sure have enjoyed the journey. Our journey together, FOREVER!




I love you Babe!


If you ask Tegan…

…What color Power Ranger is he will not hesitate to tell you that he is the “Green Ranger”.

…What Santa flies on he will tell you “a plane”.

…If he wants chicken nuggets or pancakes. He will say “pancakes”.

…What he wants to drink he will say “water”.

…If he wants a treat he will ask for “chocolate”.

…If Chantz (Elder Whipple) will come home on a train, plane or car he will say “plane”.

…What he will say to Chantz when he comes home he will say “I love you Chantz! I missed you thiiiiissss {with outstretched arms} much!”.

22 Days and Counting!

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