"I love her!"

Somedays Tegan is the only thing that keeps me going. Keeps me happy. He gives me the motivation that I need to make it through the day. I am so very grateful that Heavenly Father sent him to us when he did.

The other night he walks into our bedroom with something very small in his hand. He walks up to us while looking in his hand and says, "I love her!". I then asked him who he loved. He then showed me what was in his hand. In his hand layed a small picture no larger than a quarter. It was a picture of a girl. A picture ripped from a magazine (is my guess) perfectly cut around her head. Random right? I then asked him why he loved her. He replied with, "Because she is happy and has a big smile. And she is pretty." He now has that picture of that girl or should I say woman, sitting on his nightstand.

Its things like this that make me smile and laugh. My life, our life, would be so boring without him.


I'm Sick Too...

Sometimes I am onery and just want to join the complainers. Not that their complaints are invalid. Mine aren't either.

I am not almost 9 months pregnant, actually far from it. But I sure feel like I am. The meds that I am taking in hopes that I will become pregnant make me super sick, super bloated, prevents me from losing weight, gives me really bad migraines, and makes me super ornery.

At least you are getting a baby out of your sickness. I'm not so lucky...

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