Tegan's 2 month Stats

I just realized that I didn't post his new stats as of his 2 month appointment so here they are: Length-22 3/4 in Weight-11lbs 5 oz YAY! That is all! LOL!


My New Purse

My mom brought this back for me from China Town, New York. It is a Dolce and Gabbana purse. I am so jealous that my brother and her went. They went with the fine arts at Lehi High. My mom was a chaperone. They are really tired but they had a fantastic time. Maybe we can find someone that lives near there and stay with them and then we can actually visit. It is my dream! If I would have known of all the great deals that my mom got in China town I would have had her get me a few things. But I do love the purse that she got me! Oh and don't you love our make-shift green carpet LOL!

One Year Wiser!?

Well I am 21! My birthday was on Friday and it was a pretty good one. Well I did work that morning which was my first time ever working on my birthday. My mom and brother were in New York for the week so I had to cover their shifts. When I got off my husband took me to Tuacanos for lunch. Which was delicious! We then ran a few errands and came home. We layed on the grass for as long as Tegan would let us and enjoyed the nice weather. David did get me the movies Enchanted, Cinderella Story and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Leona Lewis cd. I did buy a few clothes for myself since I have nothing that really fit since I am smaller than before I got prego. So in all it was a simple and relaxing birthday.


So glad I found this!

Well I can't take credit for finding this. My friend heard about it and blogged about it. I have always had a hard time seeing who has updated their blog. I would go through one by one and check them well with this you don't have to. All you have to do is subscribe to all the blogs that you stalk. Have fun!


A Busy Couple of Weeks

Well really nothing much has happened it's just been awhile. Tegan is still cute as can be! He turned 2 months a little while ago and I can't believe it. He is getting so big too fast. He had his 2 month appointment also a while ago and that was not fun. He had to get his immunizations, poor thing. When they gave him the rotavirus liquid in the mouth he threw up everywhere. Then when they gave him his shots he screamed bloody murder. Then he fell asleep for about 2 hours. He was exhausted from screaming so much I guess. Just last Thursday my mom, my sister and I took Tegan to get some professional pics done of him in his blessing outfit at JcPenney's. They turned out so good. Sadly though we only got one pic of him smiling. At least we got one I guess. I will have to figure out how to post them on here when I actually get them.

I started working a few weeks ago. I usually only work Fridays 9-1pm. I work at Flowers on Main in Lehi as a delivery driver. My mom and Chantz also work there. I am really enjoying it. Every so often I will pick up other shifts for when others can't work. It has actually been nice so that I can get some more mula! My goal to lose 6 lbs by Tegan's blessing did happen! I was so excited and proud of myself. I have also lost an additional 5 lbs. I am getting excited for my 21st birthday this Friday. I am so excited that I can finally be legal enough to drink alcohol. HA HA HA! I guess I will have to get a virgin margarita...my favorite!

David is going to LA in June for some training for work. He will be gone for about 6 days. I am sad to have him gone for that long but excited cause we will get a raise afterwards. He will also be starting school again this summer. He isn't too excited to start back up cause I have to keep pushing him to get registered. But I am sure when he starts again he will love it. David is happy that it has been somewhat warm lately (except today since it is a blizzard outside) so he can ride his bike to work. We hope to get a bike trailer so Tegan can take bike rides with us this summer.


My prayers are with you

My prayers are with the family of Hser Nay Moo. I have cried for this little girl and I feel horrible of what has happened. I pray that her family and friends may be comforted in their mourning. It scares me to think that such a young girl could be killed not far from her home. I am scared for what the world is coming to. I pray that my child and future children will be strong in this crazy world. I pray that they will know of my love for them and the love of their Heavenly Father.


Discovering a Mustache

Tegan was laughing a ton as great-grandpa Penrod tickled him with his mustache

Bath Time

Tegan is actually enjoying his baths. This is him right afterwards wrapped in his towel.


Tegan's Special Day

David had the opportunity to bless Tegan on Sunday. We was so good when he was blessed I thought that he would cry but didn't. We were surrounded by friends and family that were able to come from out of town and that were here in the area. I am so grateful for my husband that he was able to be a worthy priesthood holder and bless our little bundle of joy. I am so grateful for all that he does for Tegan and I.

Tegan in his little tuxedo
Our family pic with Tegan crying and David with an angry look LOL!
David's family
Holly and Matthew
Deya and John
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