Sitting Still

Lately it is a very rare occasion for Tegan to sit still. He is very much a little boy! He is very curious and is always getting into things that he shouldn't. He is getting much better though. He knows what he can or can not touch. But sometimes he will push it a little and touch something and as I tell him "Don't touch" he turns around at me and smiles the biggest smile. Who can be mad at that face? Not me! Well my mom and I were putting up some Christmas decorations and of course Tegan just had to touch everything. So we put in his favorite show "Elmo" and he sat their without moving for about 30 min. I kept going in the room to check on him cause he was very quiet. Usually that means he is into something but he wasn't.

Pumpa Time

Tegan loves his Pumpa! He enjoys spending time with him just like this watching one of his favorite shows.

First Haircut

Sorry I am having difficulties putting these all in order...

Paparazzi pic



I finally broke down and cut Tegan's hair. I am actually surprised that it lasted this long. I decided to use my dad's flowbe. I figured it would be easier...less mess and wouldn't scare Tegan as much as the clippers. Less mess was right...but he still didn't like it. But he sure does look even cuter. He doesn't look like a baby anymore though. He looks like a toddler...my baby is gone!

First Thanksgiving

Tegan playing hide and go seek
Our cute place settings my mom put together

Our centerpiece that Chantz bought from the flower shop that we work at

We enjoyed a great Thanksgiving with my family this year. We missed out on having Thanksgiving at David's families due to work and money. My cousin Rachael and her fiance', Matt joined us and we loved being able to spend time with them. I wasn't really good at taking pictures but I did happen take a few.

Mr. GQ

I don't think he can get any cuter!!

David's Birthday

The goofy birthday boy!
Tegan loves his fishies!

I made him smile!

To my surprise this actually turned out cute!!

I know...I know...I am almost a month behind and have a lot of catching up to do.
David's birthday was fun yet low key. I feel bad cause due to our financial issues lately he didn't get much of a birthday...but he is always understanding. We went to Olive Garden for his birthday and it was delicious! Tegan loves their breadsticks and had many of them!


Lia Sophia Update Incentives

There are some really exciting things coming up for Lia Sophia. My zone manager is doing something that she has never done before. She is offering all December hostesses to be entered to win a trip for 4 to Disneyworld. To be entered you will need to have 5 bookings from you party. The odds are really good since there are only about 250 people in my zone and not all of the parties will count. If you would like me to help you win this trip let me know.
Also the special for January is reversed it is buy 1 at regular price (lowest price item) get 2 at half price. And if you buy 6 pieces I will take $15 off your order. This is a great deal right before the new catalog comes out (some pieces will be discountinued) and before Valentine's Day wink wink. Let all your husbands/boyfriends know.
My websited is www.liasophia.com/naomipatterson if you would like to take a look.
I love you all and I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Happy Birthday! I love you dearly! A few things that I love about David:
1. He loves me regardless of how I treat him (I can be real ornery)
2. He always helps me with chores
3. He is very thoughtful...for example everytime I have done a jewelry party he has texted me pics of Tegan...I love it!
4. He is a fantastic father and Tegan loves him
5. At this point in my life if it wasn't for him I would not be active
6. He is a great partner in crime
7. He is always telling me that I look beautiful even if I am having a yucky day
8. He is such a hard worker, I have never met anyone who works harder than him
9. I can relying on him for anything
10. He is very loving and a fantastic husband



Well I have thought about making our blog private. But since I have found most of my friends blog by browsing I don't feel like making it so my friends can't do that with mine. But I still want to make things a little more safe. So I am asking everyone....please only post our first names. Hopefully this will make things a little safer. Also if you have not found the great invention of google reader (it is a great way to be informed when your friends update their blogs, but it does not work on private ones) then leave a comment. If I get enough comments I may post on how to do it. Thanks for all your help in keeping our family safe.
Also if you can think of a clever title for our blog let me know...any help would be very much appreciated....since I am not that clever.

9 Months

Tegan is now 9 months! Where has the time gone! I took him to the doc last week and boy has he grown. He is 29 1/4 inches long which is in the 75th percentile. He is a tall boy! We are looking for a convertible carseat since he has grown out of his infant one. Let me know if you know of any deals for a good one. He ways 19 lbs. 8 oz 25 %....skinny little man and his head is 44.7 cm 25 %....small head like his daddy. They just grow too fast but I am enjoying him so much. He is starting to get a little attitude. He gets really mad when you take something away that he is not supposed to have. He is getting into everything....but I love watching him explore.

Crashing a Party

We decided to go crash our previous ward's Halloween/ chili cook off party.
Tegan crawling after Brianna

Tegan found my friends little girl Megan...he was trying to pull her hair

My friends little girl Brianna, such a cute doggy

Pumpkin Time

We decided to carve our pumpkins the Monday before Halloween. Well Tegan's pumpkin was already starting to shrivel so we couldn't do anything with his so he just watched (below). The next day my pumpkin caved in with the crazy warm weather we were having. At least it was fun while it lasted even if it was for less than a day.

Our pumpkins...Tegan's is the cute lil' green one...David's is the one with 'freckles'

Mine from bothe angles

Halloween Playdate

My friend and I decided to get a few friends together to have a playdate with our kiddos dressed up in their costumes. We love that we have kids so that we have an excuse to get together. Tegan is a little cheeser and poser.

For some reason Tegan loved this little girls gelly shoes. He also gave her a kiss not long after this. Too bad I didn't get a pic of it! And we couldn't get them to reinact. LOL

My friends from hair school Denae & Ander, Jordan & Kru and Me & Tegan

I love this pic!

Angela and Brianna (Tegan's best bud) and Tegan and I


As you can tell Tegan was Superman for Halloween. We ended up not going trick or treating as planned since it started raining. But we had fun regardless.

I thought I would throw this one in. My mom got a package and let Tegan play in the box. It is his new favorite toy.

The Burg

We went up to Rexburg at the beginning of November. I did a Lia Sophia party for my cousin and we had a bridal shower for my other cousin. It was a great weekend to get away. On our way up to Idaho
Tegan's cousins Orion and Jackson. Thanks for letting us stay with you guys we had so much fun...It was great to see ya!

My cousin at her bridal shower. My mom and I got her some sweet gifts! If you don't want to be embarassed don't invite me to your bridal shower. LOL! Rachael don't kill me! LOL

Silly cousin! Kylie, Rachael, ME, Becky and Ruth

My sister's friends,Kelli Joe, with Tegan...he loves her!
My cousin's, roomate, Orchid, she loved Tegan and he had so much fun with her. She offered to babysit anytime...too bad she is in Idaho
This is what happens when my cousin Becky and her boyfriend Noah take my camera lol

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