Lia Sophia Update

I want to give everyone some info about Lia Sophia since not everyone knows much about it. All the jewels are genuine, real silver, real gold, and though the diamonds are not real they are cubic zirconium (i'm not sure how to spell that). All the jewelry has a lifetime guarantee. Meaning if anything breaks or even goes out of style they will replace it. How can you beat that? They are a little more pricey but for what you are getting it is totally worth it. But you never have to pay full price. They always have specials going on. For example for the month of July the special was: Buy 1 at full price (your lowest priced item) get 2 for half. OR a double savings Buy 2 at full price (your lowest priced items) get 4 for half and get an additional $15 off. The company is very awesome and I hope that everyone will help me out so I can meet my goal so I can earn my starter kit for free! My goal is to recieve $600 in sales and book 4 shows. If you would like to check out the jewelry go to http://www.liasophia.com/


Lia Sophia

I am posting this now so you can start planning on it and hopefully come. I am having a Lia Sophia party September 10th at 6:30 pm. It will be at my house if you would like the address leave a comment with your email and I can email it to you. Or if you would like an invite give me your address and I will have one sent to you. You can either order at the party or order online I will let you know how to do so when it gets closer. Please help me out if I sell enough and book enough parties I can get my starter kit for free so I can start selling. I really like this jewelry and of course wouldn't sell anything I didn't personally like. If you plan on coming let me know so i can plan on you. Love ya all!


A toothers!!!

Tegan's tooth finally came in after 2 months of teething. Yesterday was not a good day for him as well as a few days last week when he had a fever. He is much better today since one of the two came in last night. I don't have a pic yet cause you can't see it that well. I will post one when you can see it better and probably by that time his other tooth will be in. Yippee!


Nana bought a Jumperoo for Tegan off of ksl and he absolutely loves it. Can't you tell?

Independence Day

Taking a nap with G-ma
With my cousin Kaycee yeah Tegan isn't paying attention
Tegan was loving mu uncle Glen's baldness. It was hilarious!

My mom, Kylie, her friend Kelli, Tegan and I went to New Mexico July 2nd to visit my mom's parents. Tegan did not like the ride down there at all. Usually babies sleep forever when they ride in the car...not Tegan. He would sleep 20 minutes at a time and boy was that hard. especially since it is a 6 1/2 hour drive (7 1/2 hours with Tegan. Not too bad). Coming back was much easier. We watched fireworks on the 3rd (don't know why on the 3rd and not the 4th but whatever). Tegan loved the fireworks and kept ooohing and ahhhing. We enjoyed some shopping and rest. But it was time to come home when we did Tegan and I missed David and our own beds.


Tegan sat in his highchair the first time June 29th. He is such a cutie!

Rolling over

Tegan rolled over for the first time June 24th and I didn't even get to see it. I was changing his bum on the floor and had to take it outside to the garbage. When I got back he was on his stomach and up on his arms. Cutest thing ever! It happened so fast that I didn't get a picture.

Tegan's First and Second Swim

Tegan and I went swimming for his first time June 16th (yes I know I am really behind). He really liked it. He would just splash and kept laughing.

Tegan and I, Kru and Jordan, Denae and Ander
We went a couple of days later to a nightbors pool. The water was a little colder than at the public pool so he didn't like it at first but got used to it pretty fast.
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