I came across this wonderful photo tonight from a photographers website that I have on my google reader. I looked at the photo before even reading the story and I started bawling. You must take a look at it here!


Just Between Friends

Have you heard of Just Between Friends? It's the mother of all consignment sales and it's coming to Utah this month! There is a Utah County Just Between Friends Sale being held at the Spanish Fork Fairgrounds from March 25- 27th. Those of us up north can attend the Davis County Just Between Friends Sale from April 21st- 24th at the Davis County Fairgrounds.

(I got all this info from Utah Deal Diva. Check out her blog for more info. I am for sure going!)


Permanent Marker

Tegan found a permanent marker while I was doing hair at my friends house. He got it everywhere! I was mortified and embarrassed! Luckily she didn't mind...too much. He of course got it all over himself, but not on his clothes...so weird. Then the next day I was doing hair at home and he found another permanent marker and got it everywhere. Luckily it was on all hard surfaces so I was able to get it all off with the wonderful Magic Eraser.
A must have in every home!

Sticker Happy

He is a little obsessed



Opening the Christmas Eve presents (pj's)
Are these for me? Tegan admiring his Elmo slippers

Oh I wish this pic turned out...he has the biggest smile on his cute little face!

Handy Manny pj's and Elmo slippers...heck ya!
Singing with NanaThe Christmas Eve set up. Santa did a great job!
Tegan is a little OCD...especially at opening gifts :)

He was just a little spoiled...this was before we headed to Nana's and Bumpa's

Christmas Eve we did our normal tradition of going to see some Christmas lights. There are a few houses in the area that have a whole presentation with music and lights flashing. It was so much fun and Tegan loved it! My family came over a little earlier so we could all open our Christmas pjs.
Christmas was so much fun and relaxing. Tegan of course got spoiled like always. He of course got tons of books like usual....what else do you give a little boy that already has too many toys.
Tegan woke up so excited saying "wow" the entire time.
We spent our first Christmas just by ourselves in the morning. It was bittersweet. We couldn't afford to go to Boise liked planned due a car accident that I was in earlier that month. We couldn't drive that car since it was still not fixed and David blew a tire in his car which we couldn't afford to replace. So that left us with no cars to drive. It was nice though to just spend it with our little family. We had cinnamon rolls (my families tradition) and peaches and sausages (David's family tradition). Later that day we headed to my parents for lunch and talk to the Elder Uncle Chantz....
Everyone was making fun of me cause I started crying. I was not very happy with those people. Tegan loved talking to him all he would say was "Hi...ball?" over and over again. It was hilarious!
My family went to a movie and we headed home to have a relaxing night by ourselves.


We took Tegan sledding for his first time...he loved it! The steeper the hill the better. "WOW" is what he said the entired time. I am so glad we were able to go. With David working so much we weren't sure if we were ever going to be able to take him. After work one Saturday we decided to go, it was dark but still so much fun...and there was no one else there.


Graham Cracker House

Tegan had such a fun time making his graham cracker house. He was concentrating so hard to get all the pieces of candy on there. David needs to work on his picture taking skills

He tried eating the red cinnamon gumdrops and spit them right out, but loved the green spearmint ones...he loves mint!

Yummy Marshmellows

The Result
Tegan showing it off

Ready to Go!

Tegan is hilarious! This day Tegan wanted to go outside....so he grabbed everything that I take. The diaper bag, my purse (which I rarely take unless he isn't with me then I swap out the diaper bag), my coupon binder, and my hat. Tegan loves my hat and has worn it out on many occasions. I don't really care for it since it doesn't fit well...I guess he can wear it...it doesn't look too girly does it? lol
All ready to go
So sad to think that the shirt that he is wearing is getting a little small. I don't like how big he is getting so fast...he is so dang tall...and skinny!

Visit to Santa

Tegan loved visiting Santa. Too bad we couldn't get him to look at the camera...he was looking at the train going around the track. He was said that he didn't get a candy cane like I promised...only a coloring book that he could care less about.


Play Time and Snow

Do you see how he is wearing Daddy's shoes?

Helping mom shovel the parking lot.

Tegan's neighbor friend, Joseph


Black Friday

Black Friday has always been a fun tradition. We have gotten some killer deals over the years. This year we headed to Toy R Us...which opened at 3am (if I remember right) we got there at 2 am. Wow! The line was ridiculously long! I have never seen a line this long. If you are familiar with the Toy R Us in Orem the line went down all the way to Joann's and swerved back up to the front of the store.We were in front of where Best Buy (is that what was there?) used to be. Of course those who were at the end of the line started to cut in line so we were getting no where. So shortly before it opened we decided to head home and buy what we wanted on their website. We got almost everything we wanted.
My cousin Ruth and I headed to Kohl's, they opened at 5 am we got there at 4 am. I was really close to the front of the line. I get in and they had none of the Tonka trucks that I was hoping to get Tegan. They didn't even get them in....I wasn't happy! My mom and Kylie were at Target getting the few things that they wanted and we headed to Walmart. I got everything my mom wanted but I only got a few movies that I wanted.
Afterwards we headed to Ihop for breakfast...and I was home at 7:30 am. David was able to take off the day so he could take care of Tegan so I could get some much needed sleep.
It wasn't much of a successful trip this year...due to the fact that everything that we wanted was still to expensive. Maybe this year will be better!

Me, Kylie, Ruth and Mom

This gives you an idea of what part of the line looked like. This isn't even half of it. And you can see that there is baby carrier right at the bottom of the pic. It still shocks me after all these years how many people take their children and babies to Black Friday. It actually angers me. It is way too cold for them to be out...and they should be sleeping. This women's excuse was that she was breastfeeding. I am sorry if I happen to have a newborn during Black Friday I will simply not be going. Geez! Off my soapbox now :)

David....the big 25!

David had his 25th Birthday November 24. We went to Tuacono's our fave place for birthdays. They sat us by the window which was lots of fun to see the Christmas lights outside. We don't exchange many gifts for birthday's but we did buy a Wii a month before so that was considered his birthday, our Christmas, my birthday...etc.
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