I’ve got what?

This past cycle I was finally able to get back on track after the ovarian cysts. So first I started with Clomid. Nothing again. Then I took Femara. I like Femara much better than Clomid. The symptoms were very minimal and I didn’t go mentally crazy.

Shortly after taking the Femara I went to my fertility doc to have my ovaries all checked out to see if I had follicles. What are follicles? Follicles is where your eggs come from. They are very important. I haven’t had follicles for as long as we have been trying to conceive (TTC). Once again the nurse performed an internal ultrasound. Right ovary: Nothing. That is when my nurse yelled at my ovary. Yep. Yelled. Left ovary: Hallelujah! 3! Count them. Three follicles. I bawled. My nurse shed a few tears. Finally some kind of progress.

I was then taught how to give myself a HCG injection. HCG injections will force your body to release eggs. or in other words ovulate. My nerves started.

When the time came that night to give myself the injection I was crazy nervous. How in the world was I going to give myself a shot? I couldn’t do it. David ended up giving it to me. Then I realized that I forgot to mix the meds. Yep I just injected myself with just water. I was so relieved to have only injected with water and not some crazy amount of meds. So then David had to poke me again with the actual meds. Thank goodness it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Then the time came to wait. 2 weeks! At 2 weeks the HCG has left your body and you can take a blood test to see if you are indeed pregnant. I am so glad I was so busy and that those 2 weeks went by so fast.

2 weeks was today. I couldn’t sleep last night. So nervous to find out the news. Trying to convince myself that I wouldn’t get upset with negative results.

Well it was negative. I tried to hold back the tears as my nurse continued to console me on the phone. Told me what the next plan was. I held them back until I hung up the phone. Then they came. Like a waterfall.

I am giving myself until the end of today to be upset. Hopefully it works out that way. Hopefully I can be strong.

So here is to another month of meds and crazy hormones.


  1. I cannot even imagine what this must be like. My thoughts and prayers are with you. It's okay to cry and be upset for a bit. You know when it's time to dust yourself off and get back up. Love you!

  2. I'm so sorry! That is the worst! I totally agree that femara is better. That is what finally got me ovulating too. Good luck!

  3. Im so sorry you have to go through this. Im going through the some of the same things right now.. 2 cycles of clomid failure..ovarian cysts..chemical pregnancy.. septate uterus..etc. youre not alone and i know how heartbreaking it is. I cant hardly read facebook or blogs because everytime i get on someone else is pregant and even though i want to be happy for them it secretly kills me inside. Its so hard! Anyways.. i hpe things go as planned this month and that you get your little miracle soon!


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