A What?

Well as you may know from my last post, last month was a total waste. Took Clomid and it didn’t work. It won’t ever work by itself. So the plan was for this month to pair it with some injections. I was kinda scared and nervous. Yesterday I had another ultrasound. Well during that ultrasound a cyst was found. Not a tiny one either. This one is around the size of a golf ball. Nice! So instead of taking injections this month I get to take birth control. Crazy right? Seems a little strange. But it is the only thing that will shrink ovarian cysts. If you know me well you will know that I HATE birth control. I haven’t taken it for over 6 years. I feel terrible, I am cranky, and I gain weight.  I guess it isn’t any different then what the fertility drugs have been doing for me. But in a sense at least they are kind of productive in a way. So I am praying that it shrinks and that we can get back to the plans next month.

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  1. Man, I HATE all the hoops that have to be jumped through EVERY DANG MONTH.... I'm SO sorry, lady. I'll keep praying that answers will be found and miracles given :)


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